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Lesson 40: Writing Your Own Rules in Life with 15-Year World Traveler & Director of Inkside Out Apparel, Curtin

Curtin didn’t initially plan for a life of travel. In fact, the most exciting and inspirational part of Curtin’s story is that he doesn’t plan at all.

His first trip to China was determined by responding to a spam email he received in his inbox. His first trip to the UK was because he dropped out of school and wanted to focus on rugby, which then led him to take a job at a nuclear power plant and then get deported.

After two weeks in Uganda, Curtin somehow found himself in a formal meeting with the Deputy Minister of Finance, and the stories just continue in hilarious fashion from there.

Curtin is one of a kind and is a big advocate of allowing yourself the freedom to make your own rules in life and not feel that you “should” have to do anything. Life is going to happen anyway. It may as well be an adventure.

Join us for the funniest podcast we’ve had yet on the School of Travels with Curtin!

What We Cover in This Episode

  • How Curtin went from dropping out of college to working in a nuclear power plant in the UK, getting deported, and then truly getting his travel life started
  • Why Curtin believes that whoever pretends like they know what’s happening usually gets to do more things
  • The power of having an accountability partner especially during corona
  • How you can get your tattoo on a T-shirt through Curtin’s new business, Inkside Out Apparel

  • Why New Year’s Eve is Curtin’s favorite holiday

Meet Curtin

  • You can find Curtin’s Instagram here
  • To check out Curtin’s tattoo apparel business Inkside Out Apparel, click here

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