The Top Coworking Spaces in Orlando

I’m settling into becoming a Floridian and over the past 6 weeks have enjoyed checking out a few new coworking spaces. In addition to visiting some of my all time favorites! The Orlando /Central FL region has a great mix of large and small spaces, both downtown and further out in the suburbs. Because of the wide variety of operators, there are a lot of options to choose from on how to access these locations.

You can always go to a coworking space and pay upon arrival, but I like to know in advance that I have a spot booked. There are plenty of apps like Croissant, Deskpass, and Proximity Nomad that allow you to do this. You can even rent out private offices or meeting rooms on these platforms as well. Some locations are not available on some or any of these apps, but Orlando actually has a really good coverage across the board.

Coworkaholic’s Top Coworking Spaces in Orlando

We’ve been highlighting a lot of the top coworking spaces from the Member’s Choice Awards. Check out all the top Florida spaces here. For Orlando, since I’m now living here, I wanted to share my expert take on the best spaces in the area:

ScribbleSpace Coworking

ScribbleSpace Coworking

ScribbleSpace is my all time favorite coworking space here in Orlando. And it’s not just because it’s the closest coworking space to Walt Disney World! The owner is a true local who is tied in with the Horizon West area and is so welcoming that you feel like a part of the community immediately. They offer a blend of flex, dedicated desk and private offices in addition to meeting rooms. For all you parents looking to do a Disney World remote work/school trip. This is a great way to avoid frustratingly slow hotel/camper internet – and find some extra productivity. Bonus points for how creative the decor is.

Novel Coworking – Angebilt Building

Novel Coworking Angebilt

Novel Coworking is, in my opinion, the premier national brand of flex workspace. They have grown into a very impressive network nationwide and are easily accessible via their own membership or Deskpass. Their staff is always tip top – providing a very friendly, but professional and polished experience. You can snag hot desks, private offices or meeting rooms. Plus, they’ve got snacks and beer on tap.

Workonomy Hub @ Office Depot

Workonomy Hub at Office Depot

Yes, you’re reading that correctly! You didn’t know that Office Depot now offers coworking? It’s true. After enjoying my visits to their location in Evanston, IL, I was excited to see they also had one near my new home. There are around 10 of them located throughout the US, and you can purchase a hot desk or office membership on site or access their desks and meeting rooms through Proximity Nomad. While you’re there, if you need to pick something up or ship something out be sure to use your Chase Ink card for 3x bonus points! This location is really lively – always has folks in and around and is testament to how great of a Community Manager they have on site.

I look forward to checking out more spaces as I get to explore more of Florida as a local!

Do you have a favorite coworking space in Orlando that I haven’t been to yet? I’d love to hear from you.

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