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Coworkaholic Travel

Columbus, OH is now home to the world’s first beer hotel. Wake up in a 32 room hotel inside a brewery where there are in-room taps and shower mini-bars.

A new airline is launching in the U.S. with service focused in California and the west coast.

Putting the phrase “What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas” to the test: 10 things learned running a high roller suite. Today’s highlights are the world’s first beer hotel and

Coworkaholic Tech

If you’re in the market for a high powered PC but are short on cash, Dell’s G5 15″ notebook with 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1060 Max-Q GPU is down to $880 at Walmart. (Ignore the “GTX 1060Ti” bit in Walmart’s listing; there’s no such thing.) Normally, Dell sells this config closer to $1,100.

The two in one accessory that finally lets you charge your phone and smart watch together!

The Boring Company gets approval to build a tunnel connecting a garage to a hyperloop (so it’s basically like your own personal Batcave…).

The word on the street is that out of all the new iPhones, the iPhone XR is the one to get.

Coworkaholic Living

Anxiety is a real thing that a lot of us cope with in all different ways.

This military approved technique will help you get to fall asleep in two minutes…for when you need to maximize as much sleep as possible.

Hipster crimes against Italian cuisine…it’s just not right. Spaghetti donuts, sushi pizza and Cheeto pasta, oh my.

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