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Things to Prepare for Your Next Road Trip After the Quarantine

We are all in the same desperate situation: quarantine! With the arrival of COVID-19 being so sudden, there weren’t many people that were ready for isolation. However, there’s one thing for sure: it has allowed our minds to wander and create dreams of what we are going to do when we’re allowed out into the big wide world. The possibilities are endless outside of our homes, so many of us have been busy writing a plan for our next trip. Nevertheless, it’s important to stay realistic and keep our feet on the ground. Here are a few things you should prepare before heading out on your next road trip.

Prepare Your Vehicle

It could be a period of 6 weeks that we are told to stay home and not leave our houses unless it’s for something essential, and that can have a drastic effect on your car! The worst thing that could happen is getting ready and as we’re leaving finding our car battery has run flat, or even worse end up in an accident due to another driver’s defective vehicle. 

It is best to get your car checked before using it again and make sure you have all the relevant documents in order to operate a motor vehicle, and because of the increased risk of other drivers not checking their cars, it’s worth looking into what you can do if you end up in a crash. Take a look at this post for everything you need to know about defective vehicles and what happens if they end up being the cause of a crash, the last thing you want to do after getting out of quarantine is finding yourself in a legal battle without any support.

Form a Plan

Being spontaneous can be fun, but it’s also very risky. Whilst you have it, take the time to formulate a plan of your road trip and have a fail-safe if things go south. Knowing where gas stations are along your route will eliminate the risk of running out of petrol and nowhere to refuel in a 100-mile radius, it will also give you a chance to stock up with essentials such as water, and snacks of course! Knowing where you’re going to stay for the night is also good to know when travelling, it will help you plan the route to your final destination and give you checkpoints along the way especially if you’ve decided to go on a big trip.

Decide on a Budget

Knowing how much money you have and how much you can spend is an important aspect of every trip we ever take, so this one should be no different. In your budget, you should include the following categories:

  • Fuel 
  • Accommodation 
  • Food & Drink 
  • Activities 
  • Backup

Having a good financial plan will allow you to really enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that money isn’t going to run out and leave you stranded 17 hours from home. There are ways you can adjust throughout the trip and if you end up spending less on a hotel one night then you can reassign that money to something a bit more fun, like a great night out or a luxury hotel for the next night! It’s also always good to have some money for backup just in case something goes wrong, you don’t want to be stuck somewhere with no money because it’s your last day and the budget is nearly out.

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Pack Your Essentials

There are many things we consider to be essential when travelling, but there are a few things you should definitely remember when you’re on the road for a while that will cover all scenarios should you find yourself in them. Always carry a first aid kit with you, get one that’s well-stocked with a variety of items in it, injuring yourself, and only finding a pack of plasters in your first aid kit is the last thing you want to happen. Get yourself a spare tire, you never know when one can burst so always make sure you have a solution before it happens.

Things that people often forget are a few home comforts, and I’m not talking about your favorite teddy bear. Having a few blankets and pillows in the car can increase your ride comfort but also if something happens and you have to stay in the car you will be able to keep warm and even get some rest if you need it. Food and drink are another essential you’ll need to bring so why not bring it in a cooler, there are loads you can get that plug into your car to keep your stuff extra cool, no one likes warm water when they’re thirsty. Finally, it wouldn’t be a post quarantine road trip without hand sanitizer. When we are finally allowed back out of our homes the emphasis on hygiene will be higher than it ever has, but it’s worth carrying a bottle or two just in case!

A road trip might seem a million miles away, but isolation will end at some point and if you’re anything like me then you will have decided to celebrate in style. Make sure you’ve made the right preparations before leaving the house so everything can run a smoothly as it possibly can.

Get yourself a plan and have fun, you never know when we will need to return to our homes.

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