The Daily Download is a curation of great content and things that interest us on an (almost) daily basis. This is your shortcut to find quality content applicable to living your best Coworkaholic life without the hassle of searching. Today’s highlights are Recent Travel Epic Fails & Google Translate’s New Update.

Coworkaholic Travel

Sure, checked bags get lost every day but when have you heard of an entire plane taking off without any checked items?

Before you head off to your summer vacation in Orlando , be sure to check out these theme park delays and let downs

O’Hare is our home airport and can be painful enough, but this summer, you’re gonna need to add extra time for any international connections until the foreseeable future.

Coworkaholic Living

That love/hate relationship you with the person who always brings food into the office is proving to be bad for your health.

Looking to get more out of your travels? Perhaps you should go it alone?

Nothing but good news (we’ve known forever) about recent stats on coworking!

Coworkaholic Tech

Sure, we’re seeing more and more products and services pivot to subscription models, but for your home WiFi network? Really?

It’s that time of year…as Apple prepares to roll out new products in the fall, take advantage on these rare sale prices on Apple Watches, iPhones and HomePods.

Google Translate is a digital nomad’s best friend, but only if you had internet connections…thanks to their new update, that’s no longer the case!

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