To Transition or To Not Transition

Photo Credit: John R. Boehm, Crain’s Chicago Business

There’s something magic about coworking. Whenever people share space to connect, collaborate or just simply get productive, something is bound to happen.

Curated by Coworkaholic in ChiefMike LaRosa, these stories are told from both perspectives of members and space managers alike. If you are looking for a change in your career path, or want to take your business to the next level, these stories are for you.

The Coworkaholic Diaries Ep. 003

What about transition is it that we love/hate? For one person a good transition could be bad for someone else. It could be the start of something beautiful or the end of something sad. I met Patti Flynn at Second Shift Coworking to hear her story about transitioning through: endurance training, quitting her job of 26 years and coming out as transgender. She shares how coworking helped her find community, productive space and focus to start her own consulting business and find a full time job.

Show Notes

Patti featured in Crain’s Chicago Business

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