With great weather, lovely beaches, wildlife-rich ecosystems, fun-filled theme parks, world-class museums, and lip-smacking cuisine, Florida attracts millions of vacationers and snowbirds every year. The state has lots of exciting things to do, sights to explore, and people to meet. Each region, town, and neighborhood in the Sunshine State has built its own unique identity to meet the needs of a wide array of visitors of all ages. Here are 8 ways to experience your upcoming trip to Florida like a local.

1. Explore the Natural Beauty of Central Florida

Visit Orlando and Kissimmee and spend a couple of fun-packed days touring theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney World.


Then take an hour east to the Sunshine State’s Space, where you can bask on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean Beaches and explore the Kennedy Space Center for awe-inspiring live rocket launches.

Head west to the city of Tampa and explore some of its wildlife-filled attractions like Tampa Zoo and Busch Gardens. Then spend your night in one of the highly-rated vacation rentals in Central West Florida.

2. Sail through Florida’s Waterways on the Jungle Queen Riverboat

Hop into the Jungle Queen Riverboat for an unforgettable ride through the Sunshine State’s beautiful waterways. This lovely boat offers a variety of amenities and opportunities to explore Florida’s natural beauty from water. The available cruises range from sightseeing cruises, lunch cruises, to dinner cruises.

3. Play with Dolphins and Gorgeous Sea Otters at Discovery Cove

Located in Orlando, Discovery Cove is an exceptional reservations-only park that’ll provide you with the ultimate grand experience through face-to-face encounters with cute sea otters, dolphins, fish, and other interesting sea life. You can participate in a 30-minute swim with dolphins, tropical fish, and even hand-feed exotic birds. You can also unwind in style in the huge resort pool.

4. Head to the Gulf of Mexico for Deep Sea Fishing

Enjoy a fun-filled afternoon in the sun at the Gulf of Mexico honing your deep-sea fishing skills. Ensure you book an all-inclusive charter with a reputable company ahead of your trip. Most charters consist of the required permits, baits, rods, tackles, and competent guides to help you trap some of the most exotic fish that Florida waters have to offer.

5. Experience a Close-up Encounter with Wildlife at Lowry Park Zoo

Lowry Park Zoo has a wealth of wildlife that includes the African painted dog, one-horned rhinos, and pygmy hippos. On top of that, it offers you an opportunity to interact with these animals. You can hand-feed the giraffe or lay your hands on the Aldabra giant tortoise. From Halloween spooks, wild fundraises, Christmas festivities, to educational series, there is always something going on at Lowry Park.

6. Take a Guided Tour of the Bonnet House

Sitting on the Fort Lauderdale Beach, Bonnet House is a wonderful mix of art, nature, and history. Self-taught architect Frederic Bartlett and his family used to live in this house before it became a historic place in 1983. You can now take a guided trip of this 35-acre historic estate and see a stunning assortment of art and collectibles. You’ll also come across a massive orchid greenhouse that hosts about 1500 different orchids.

7. Enjoy a Memorable Shopping Experience at the Santa Rosa Mall

If you’re a passionate shopper, the Santa Rosa Mall is a must-visit during your stay in Florida. It has tons of shopping options, old-school carousel, a fully-equipped kids play area, and a wide range of prominent stores such as GameStop, Rue 21, J.C. Penney’s, and Dillards. With all these amenities, the Santa Rosa Mall will definitely give you a pleasant shopping experience.

8. Experience an Up-close Interaction with Sea Creatures at Key West Aquarium

Seeing and discovering cute sea animals at Key West Aquarium is a great way to wrap up your vacation in Florida. Some of the sea creatures you’ll see include sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, and sea turtles. You’ll even have a rare chance of handling numerous sea animals and touching the tail of a shark at the Aquarium’s touch tank.



Florida outranks the other states when it comes to diversity. This means that there are a lot of fantastic things and a load of exciting places to visit. The 8 aforementioned suggestions will help you experience Florida like a local in your forthcoming trip. Remember to book your accommodation in one of the best vacation rentals in Central West Florida ahead of your trip, especially if you visit that part of the state.

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