One of the reasons why we love coworking is because of how many different types of spaces there are! Today we’ve got a video tour of Vallarta CoWork in Puerto Vallarta, MX!

Vallarta CoWork – Puerto Vallarta, MX

There’s a lot of digital nomads and location independent professionals moving from Asia to Latin America. If you’re looking to move to Mexico, whether it be Playa del Carmen, Mexico City or Puerto Vallarta, there’s plenty of coworking spaces to choose from!

Mike the Coworkaholic’s favorite beach destination in the world, Puerto Vallarta, MX. The only problem was access to quality internet and workspace. Then, came along Vallarta CoWork – providing a perfect blend of workspace, community and productivity! This video tour shows off the space and introduces you to the co-founders. Looking for more info? Check out Mike’s coworking space review and his interview on the We Travel There podcast.

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