In the points and miles community, it’s easy to get into habits or not review your earning & burning strategies. Without some form of self-assessment, we leave ourselves open to either missing out on opportunities or just flat out poor redemptions. If there is one person who’s an expert on what to do AND not do when it comes to learning about award travel, it’s the one and only Mr. Richard Kerr.

Problems Plaguing Points People & Miles Mistakes (to) Miss – Miles to Go Ep. 019

What possible problems could the miles and points community have? Richard Kerr from Award Travel 101 is back for another episode to join Ed in discussing issues with online “group think”, unrealistic compensation expectations and how to avoid “Newbie-itis”.

If you’re looking for more award travel knowledge, tune in to the Award Travel 101 podcast! Each week, Richard shares best tips and tricks for earning and burning points. Plus, some great stories of managing a Facebook group of 60,000+ travel enthusiasts!

Miles to Go: Travel Tips, News & Reviews You Can’t Afford To Miss

Hosted by road warrior and travel expert Ed Pizza, the Miles to Go podcast serves up travel tips, news and reviews you can’t afford to miss! Whether you’re a points and miles newbie looking to book a trip for free or you log 100k + miles a year and want the low down on new properties, routes and planes, they’ve got the world’s top travel experts and bloggers to share their knowledge and insights with you.

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