As part of their “All You Can Jet” promotion, JetBlue will award three winners with an “All You Can Jet Pass” for them and a Travel Companion for unlimited air travel for one year.

All You Can JetGuides

In addition to giving away a year of free flying, JetBlue has partnered with Localeur to createΒ JetGuides, a collection of insider tips for where to experience what you love from the Localeurs who live there.

How to Enter

The JetBlue All You Can Jet Sweepstakes is being run on Instagram. As with any sweepstakes, there is no purchase necessary, but you will need an Instagram account to enter.

What you’ll have to do to you account however, might seem a bit drastic. In spirit of the “Fill in the Blank” theme, you’re going to have to clear all your Instagram pics:

The Fine Print: “All You Can Jet” Sweepstakes

There aren’t that many specific notes about this giveaway, other than having to clear your entire Instagram profile. For more info on details and fine print, click here.

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