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Working From Anywhere Doesn’t Mean You Have to Work at Home

*DISCLAIMER* – We do not encourage anyone to break the law by not following lockdown or quarantine regulations of your local/national government.

We’re quickly reaching a year in some sort of lockdown and working from home/anywhere rather than the office. A lot of companies are shifting to some sort of blended remote work policy. That’s great news, but doesn’t mean you have to keep working from home.

You Don’t Have to Work From Home Just Because You Can Work Remotely

In this video, I break down a variety of places you can go to work that isn’t your bed, couch or kitchen table. Obviously, coworking spaces and hotels are some of the suggestions. But there’s one I think you’ll never guess – and it involves your backyard!

Where else do you like to work that’s not your home?

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Running Remote

Running Remote is the world’s largest remote work conference. It’s also a professional community of remote work leaders on a private slack group, perks, and benefits such as :

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