Working remotely is becoming more of a standard nowadays. It might increase even when this worldwide pandemic dies down. Although working remotely is very convenient nowadays, particular struggles come with it. One of the biggest struggles that people have is maintaining their motivation and productivity. 

Motivation and productivity are hard to come by. It isn’t easy on the best of days and even when you’re in your office. It’s even more challenging to get when you’re at home and working with a lot of distractions around you.

Even though it’s challenging, there are still multiple ways you can stay motivated and productive. Check out these seven effective ways on how you can productively work even when you’re working remotely. 

1. Make a routine

When we think about having a routine despite working remotely, it can feel like it’s getting rid of the fun part of working remotely. By not having a method, what you’re getting rid of is the force of habit that enables you to stick to the work that you need to accomplish each day. Therefore, if you find yourself unable to focus, maybe it’s time to stick to a routine. 

Your routine doesn’t have to stick to the usual nine-to-five if you don’t want to and if it doesn’t work for you. It would help if you created a routine that works best for you alone. Otherwise, any routine won’t work in making you more motivated or productive.

2. Start early

One of the biggest reasons people have a hard time staying productive when working remotely is that there are too many distractions. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you have to start your work early. Once more people are awake, the more people there are to make noise and distract you.

Aside from that, starting earlier enables you to finish other household tasks that you need to work productively. For example, it allows you to have more time to cook a healthy breakfast and maybe do a bit of exercise.

Starting earlier gives you a lot more options on the direction that your day is going to take. If you find that your usual start of the day isn’t enough, you might want to start your day earlier. 

3. Be organized

Your physical environment has more of an effect on your ability to stay motivated and productive, then you would believe. If your direct environment is messy and disorganized, this will reflect on your mental state without you knowing. According to Maid Sailors’ maid service Jersey City, an organized workplace will help you reduce mental clutter.

Before you end every day, consider organizing your workspace and getting rid of any clutter that you managed to gather during the day. That way, when you start another workday, you come into a workspace that is free of clutter. Your organized and clean workspace will greet you and enable you to have a fresh start to each day. 

4.Have stable internet connection

If you don’t have a stable internet connection, then it’s going to be a big hurdle for you to be productive when working remotely. Since you’re working away from an office, your most significant investment is your internet connection. Therefore, if you have trouble with the stability of your internet, you might want to address it immediately. 

If you’re working away from home, you should avoid using public WiFi. Public WiFi isn’t secure, so accessing business details will leave them vulnerable. Aside from that, some public WiFi isn’t the most stable, either. 

5. Proactively reach out to coworkers

When you are a remote worker, it’s a lot more challenging to get the benefits of having people around you. If you’re having trouble with your workload, your coworkers can help you bring in a new perspective that you don’t have. You and your coworkers can collaborate on your work, which will make it a lot easier to manage. 

Therefore, when you’re a remote worker, you should consider reaching out to your coworkers and see if they are open to an arrangement where both of you work together. It doesn’t have to be the entirety of your workday, but you can devote an hour or so where you brainstorm with one another. 

6. Take short breaks

Don’t forget to step out of your work sometimes for a short while so you can rest. Not only will it allow you to recuperate mentally, but it will also let your eyes rest. Use this time to take your lunch or hang out a bit with your family.

7. Spend less social media time

When you’re in work mode, consider placing your phone away from your workspace. Social media can be a rabbit hole that’s hard to crawl out of once you’re scrolling through your feed.

Besides putting your phone somewhere out of your immediate reach, you should invest in apps that block social media websites for a set period.


Working in an office and working remotely both have unique hurdles that people have to go through to stay motivated and productive. The key is to be conscious of one’s work patterns and find the method that works the best for each individual.

Some of the techniques might work for you, and some might not. The key is to try and try until you find the productivity and motivation methods that work the best for you.