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175 Coworking Spaces | 6 Cities | 1 App – But That’s Not Why I Love Deskpass

So, there’s at least one side effect of coworking. Once you try it, you really don’t want to go back to coffee shops, hotel lobbies, airport gates or your car. That said, if your work involves meetings with clients, site visits, events or sales appointments you probably won’t be at your desk 100% of the time. That’s not even taking into consideration the craziness of real life. What about cancellations? Accidents? Sick kids? Traffic?

Sure, there’s the big guys (WeWork, Spaces, Industrious) with locations in cities all over the world. But what about if I’m just in one city and have clients or projects downtown, in the burbs and out by the airport? If only we could bounce between different independent spaces? Enter Deskpass.

It’s no secret that I love Deskpass. I love the founders and their team and their app and everything they’re doing. (Disclosure: We’ve worked together before.) It’s a great way for people to find workspaces that fits their needs while helping spaces find new members too! When I’m in Chicago (home) my work takes me to three different parts of town and while I try my best to schedule my days around that travel, life happens.

That’s all great, but that’s not WHY I love Deskpass. I love it that there’s a sense of community among the users because they provide opportunities for us to meet. Whether it be open coworking days or their happy hours, it’s nice to meet other people that work like I do. It’s even better when you run into those familiar faces when you’re out and about working at a location.

So if you are in Chicago, Denver, Austin, LA, SF or NYC…or even better if you travel to those cities for work…check out Deskpass today!

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