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All About Coworkaholic

Hi. My name is Mike. And I’m a Coworkaholic.

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That time I took a double decker bus full of coworking enthusiasts on a coworking tour of Sydney, Australia…

Not familiar with what coworking is? Well, you’re gonna want to read this first.

What’s Coworkaholic?

Coworkaholic is a travel & lifestyle blog for the road warrior and digital nomad alike.

Have you ever experienced the struggle of taking a conference call in an airport? How about meeting with clients in a hotel lobby or worse yet, a coffee shop? Do you live the mantra of “Home is Wherever the WiFi Connects”? Are you someone who never misses an opportunity to earn extra points and miles?

Well, you might just be a Coworkaholic.


/ kōˈwərkə hôlik/


  1. a person who can work from anywhere, but prefers the productivity and accelerated serendipity of a coworking space

Accelerated Serendipity, Motivation & Community

Since 2013 I’ve witnessed first hand the benefits coworking has had for not only myself, but remote workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers the world around. See, I’d been working for myself for about 18 months before I stumbled upon the magic that is coworking. When I wasn’t on the road for clients such as Google, Smithsonian Enterprises and Living Social, I was working out of my apartment.

Besides struggling to find good WiFi or power outlets working on the road out of hotels or cafes, I’d feel lonely and isolated when by myself at home. It wasn’t until I started going to coworking spaces that I realized the positive impact motivation from accelerated serendipity and community could provide. Coworking spaces are popping up all over the globe. They come in 100s of different colors, shapes and sizes.

A lot of these coworking spaces are communities made up of like minded folks who enjoy the freedom of working Whenever, However or Wherever they want. They just choose to do so Together.

The more I coworked, the more my business grew. But, something else happened too. Believe it or not, but coworking saved my life.

When You Know Better, You Do Better

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve totally F’d up. Sure, there are some funny stories, but most of the time it’s painful to think of the frustration or money I’ve cost myself. All because I had to navigate the uncharted waters of being your own boss or working remote. That’s why I started blogging in 2015: to help folks like me travel cheaper, work smarter and live better.

It might have taken a while, but I’ve certainly embraced the belief that “When you know better, you do better.” Whether it be a hotel, car, lounge, flight or coworking space, our reviews are written to help you make the best decision possible when planning a trip or looking for somewhere to work. After almost six years of living on the road and over 400,000 miles flown, our travel hacks help you maximize how you earn and burn frequent flyer miles and credit card or loyalty program points.

If you’re looking for more travel tips, news and reviews, be sure to check out the podcast I produce (and occasionally contribute to) Miles to Go, featuring my friend Ed Pizza.

Are You From The Press?

Coworking has become an all too trendy topic and folks always enjoy travel tips, tricks and insights. We love talking all things coworking, remote work, entrepreneurship and travel and are always happy to be a part of your article, news piece, TV segment, radio show, whatever! We are happy to give audio, video or written comment any time. Topics include remote work and travel hacking tips, using points and miles, loyalty programs and the experience of entrepreneurship.

Contact us at hello@coworkaholic.com

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We’re always open to content submissions and events to post and promote! Drop us a line at hello@coworkaholic.com to get more info!

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We’ve partnered with brands big and small on advertising, marketing or advertorial campaigns. Our readership is made up of highly desirable, upwardly mobile business owners and executives. Not only are they decision makers when it comes to work, but they also have disposable income. Contact us at hello@coworkaholic.com for more information on our advertising and affiliate marketing opportunities!

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