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FREE Straight to the Points Premium Membership with AMEX Platinum

Playing the “points and miles game” as my mom puts it is great fun for me because what’s not to like about flying first class for (almost) free? But, the only thing I enjoy more than figuring out how to stack points and miles earning, is the hunt for great redemption “suite” spots. Pun intended.

Let’s Get “Straight to the Point”

There’s something extra special knowing that you used even LESS miles or points than the folks who redeem for “full price”. This could be because you found some random open inventory or because you are a master of credit card transfer travel partners. Booking award tickets can get pretty complicated, especially if you’re looking for more than one seat. That’s where Straight to the Points comes in.

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Spencer Howard from Straight to the Points has made a name for himself, not only for sharing how to earn points and miles, but particularly how, where and when to redeem them. We’ve met in person only once, but thanks to the magic of the internet he and I run in the same travel blog circles. His newsletter has grown an avid fan base, mainly because he has an amazing talent at finding really, REALLY hard to get award inventory.

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That’s because not everyone enjoys or has the time (or patience) to scope out how best to redeem their points or miles. For me it’s part of the fun and I’m ultimately trying to find new trips to blog about. There are a lot of folks that just want to know what to book. And then there’s others that just want a service to book it for them.

Straight to the Points Premium

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While Spencer offers award booking, he’s not the cheapest out there. (Shameless plug – Coworkaholic does offer a similar service…for less.) Plus, there’s a lot of us that can book, we just don’t want to do the search. The only problem? His emails are SO popular, that unless you are constantly scrolling your inbox, you might miss award inventory – because someone else snagged it.

Well, today he’s rolled out Straight to the Points Premium, a paid alert program. This means you get the best of his Award Alert newsletters (before the rest of the subscribers) plus other perks! You can even opt in for text notifications. Premium members will get:

  • Increased frequency of Award Alerts & Fare Deals
  • Priority Search Criteria
  • Text Message Alerts
  • Discounted Award Booking Service
  • Monthly Happy Hour + Q&A with Industry Experts
  • Unlimited Luxury Hotel Bookings
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Disclaimer: I’m not earning a single penny by helping him get the word out. I’m just a big fan of his hard work, and he recently made the decision to turn this side hustle of his into a full time job. Hustle respects Hustle.

AMEX Platinum Hack to Get This for Free

If you’ve got an AMEX Platinum card, you might have noticed that they just rolled out a PayPal statement credit offer. Because Spencer is such a credit card benefit aficionado, he’s also accepting PayPal as a payment method! So, if you haven’t used that PayPal statement credit yet, you can score a Straight to the Points Premium membership for free. More info here.

If you’ve already used your January PayPal credit, you will still end up getting your first year for $30 which is less than half of the promotional launch rate of $79 and less than one-third of the standard $99 per year rate. This offer expires on January 25, 2021.

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