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New To Remote Work & Looking to Travel? This “Ottoman Empire” Coworking Road Trip is for You!

Have you been a remote worker since before COVID and are anxious to get back to traveling? Or, perhaps you’re new to remote working and are looking for a great way to test out the waters? Either way, working abroad can be as stressful as it is inspiring and amazing. If only there were a way to participate in a curated remote work adventure. Well, you’re in luck – this “Ottoman Empire” Coworking Road Trip looks amazing!

Ottoman Empire Roadtrip with Coworking Bansko by Global Convoy

For three weeks, up to 25 Coworking Bansko members and friends will make a road trip on back-country roads across the Ottoman Empire. From Bansko through Turkey to Georgia if conditions permit. And Back.

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Each day’s general plan is about 4 hours driving, 4 hours working, 4 hours fun. A more detailed route will be shared before the event, and the group will decide on activities. It is also possible to deviate with your vehicle from the group schedule and then meet up at the next waypoint.

The trip will start in Bansko on May 14th and end in Bansko on June 4th. So a great opportunity to then stay longer in Bansko for Bansko Nomad Fest. Everyone will arrive around May 10th in Bansko for a few days of pre-trip planning and get to know each other. 

Global Convoy will curate this experience and make sure the trip goes smoothly. For $327 (€275), they coordinate and assist in planning this month-long adventure.

You’ll also need to budget for:

Car (rent or passenger contribution)
depends on finding a good deal 
Fuel 5000km (with 4 passengers) – €400€100
4x PCR Tests (Turkey/Georgia)€200
Accommodation (Hostel)€200
Food (eating out) – €15 per day€315
Incidentals (sightseeing, drinks etc.)€200

All in, you’re looking at around $1,500. Check out the event registration site for more FAQs.

What’s Global Convoy?

Global Convoy runs adventures that test you and force you to grow. They curate trips where people can come and go as they please! Similar in a lot of ways to Remote Year, they plan, coordinate and manage trips for remote workers and digital nomads alike. Even if you’ve had experience working and living abroad, it’s nice to have an organization helping plan for the expected and unexpected alike.

What’s Coworking Bansko?

Coworking Bansko is a world renowned coworking space. Located in Bansko, Bulgaria, a sleepy ski resort town, they are more than just a coworking space. They are responsible for fostering one of the fastest growing digital nomad communties in the world.


I’ve participated in several trips with one of the co-founders of Coworking Bansko – including a two week tuktuk road rally through India.

Why This Trip Is So Cool

While you should have your vaccine before traveling, most of the countries on this trip are currently open to Americans and I expect more will open shortly. I wish I could go myself, alas I’ve got some work commitments and a wedding. I think this trip is so cool because you get to see some pretty amazing sights, while having dedicated time to get work done each day. Plus, you’ll be with a group of like minded folks, who are also experienced remote workers.

So, if you are an experienced digital nomad, it’s a great way to ease back into traveling. And, if you are excited to try remote working while traveling, it’s the perfect way to ensure you eliminate some of the stress of the unknown.

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