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Could Remote Work Lead to More Travel in the Future?

Join Mike the Coworkaholic at Running Remote Online on Wednesday November 18th as he moderates a panel on how the “Future of Work” will impact the future of travel!

Is This The End of the Road Warrior?

Some say that all corporate travel is dead; long live the video call. Others say that while your road warriors might travel less, some employees may travel more. No one has all the answers, but when did you ever expect to see United Airlines selling flights bundled with meeting rooms and workspace?

What will work travel look like after we’ve spent months zooming from our home? More importantly how will travel change to favor remote workers, rather than say, leisure travelers? We’re seeing more and more hotels rollout workspace packages, while other brands double down by fully integrating coworking into their properties.

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This panel brings in unique perspectives from the travel industry, government and frequent travelers to discuss what new “Work From Anywhere” policies mean to the return (or evolution?) of what it means to be a traveler.

Panelists include:

Mathew Kepnes, Founder of Nomadic Matt

Siim Sikkut, Government CIO – Republic of Estonia

Ernest Lee, Managing Director of Development & Investments at citizenM Hotels

Eric Shoup, CEO at Peerspace

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