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A Quick Guide On How To Keep Your Office As Clean As Possible

A clean and tidy office environment is an indispensable aspect of keeping your employees functioning at optimal efficiency. A dirty workspace can have a profound impact on their health, motivation, and overall productivity. The importance of a clean working area extends beyond the employees. A sparkling office will send a positive impression to your clients and other visitors walking into your office. It will make you appear more professional and convey that your business is professional and worthy enough of their patronage. Otherwise, you are likely to see them potentially walk out the door, impacting your company’s reputation and bottom line. 

Accordingly, every business, regardless of size, must strive to keep its premises in pristine condition at all times. If that is something that has struck you recently, and you want to know how to keep your workspace clean and organized, then you have come to the right place. 

The following are some effective tips and tricks to help you keep germs at bay, limit the number of sick days employees take and achieve a spotless working environment. 

Organize Your Desks

It is not unusual for a hectic workday to result in cluttered desks with everything scattered around in a disorderly fashion. If you have a big heap of clutter on your office table,  it is about time to tidy up and let go of all the mess as it only induces stressful vibes for you and you and the employees. 

Keeping your desks or tables organized by rearranging everything in an organized way is an essential component of maintaining a clean and tidy office and keeping your employees focused and productive. To declutter the mess, empty everything off the desk. Sort all the paperwork into different files and folders and place them on shelves. Gather all the remaining clutter, including pens, pencils and put them into their designated place. Remove anything unnecessary from the desk taking up valuable space on your table and toss it into the garbage. 

The entire essence of this step is to keep only the needful items on your desk to make the workspace look organized and minimalist at all times. These would include nothing more than your laptop, a notepad, some sticky notes, and other essential office supplies which you need to operate daily.

Disinfect Regularly

There are many high-traffic surfaces and objects in your office that accumulate maximum germs and bacteria. Wiping these down often with a disinfectant or sanitizer is an indispensable aspect of maintaining a spotless office look, and more importantly, keeping germs at bay. Some of the things that you and your colleagues come in contact with frequently include desks, keyboards, chair handless, fridge, coffee maker, and microwave. This frequent use means they can harbor bacteria which can spread throughout the office. 

Maintaining good hygiene by wiping down these surfaces routinely will help you eliminate and prevent bacteria buildup. Consequently, you will reduce your employees’ exposure to them, thereby decreasing the number of sick leaves they take.

Pay Attention to the Flooring

Your office is a commercial space. The staggering amount of foot traffic it sees daily inevitably results in the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other allergens trodden in from the outdoors. Whether it is carpet, tiles, or wood flooring, maintaining a clean floor is a critical component of conserving a positive impression and your business’s appeal. 

You must vacuum, broom, and mop the floors regularly to keep dirt and dust away and get rid of any visible stains that give your space a dirty appearance. Perhaps, a deep cleaning session every once in a while by a professional office cleaning service is a viable, cost-effective option that will give you optimal results and leave you with a clean and shiny office. Professional cleaners with their experience and expertise will use the right tools and techniques to conduct their job. Thereby you can expect the highest standards of cleaning in all areas of your office.

Accordingly, that will also save your employees the time and energy which they would otherwise spend on these menial tasks and enable them to concentrate more on their work, leading to enhanced productivity, and of course, a spotless workspace. 

Target Public Areas

Your office desks and cabin need regular cleaning and organizing. However, shared spaces such as lunchrooms, toilets, conference rooms, and other common areas are the ones that amass maximum amounts of bacteria and thus are the most unhygienic. 

Toilets must get a daily cleaning as several bacteria and viruses could be contracted from a dirty restroom. Wipe down the tables, sofas, and chairs with an anti-bacterial detergent for your employees to socialize and enjoy their food in a neat space. 

Do Not Eat in Work Areas

Eating at the desks is one of the worst ways you and your colleagues can contribute to a dirty and unhygienic workspace. Besides the fact that some foods can smell up the entire department and irritate others around, eating in the work area usually results in crumbs lying around and greasy stains, which give an extremely unsightly look if not cleaned afterward. 

Food particles find their way in between keywords and other areas that can cause bacterial growth. 

Accordingly, adopting a no foods at desk policy to which everyone diligently adheres is the best approach to prevent this problem. If anything, you must set a stringent rule that all employees must clean up thoroughly by wiping it down using a disinfectant after finishing. 

Clean Daily

If you have not hired a janitor yet, it may be about time to manage the cleaning and keep your office in tip-top condition. Regardless, you must ensure to dedicate a few minutes and give the space a light cleaning by yourself every day. 

Dust is everywhere and settles easily all around, so regular dusting or wiping it down with a simple spritz of your cleaning spray will clear it away. 

Besides, make it a habit to empty the trash every day. Leaving trash bins filled with garbage may lead to foul smells and the spread of unhygienic germs that can cause illnesses. Throw it out yourself or along with your employees by taking turns and shuffling the responsibility.

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Implementing these office cleaning tips will help maintain an aesthetically pleasing and germ-free working environment for yourself and your employees. Ultimately, that would lead to a more relaxed and inviting working environment, create a more welcoming space for your clients, and ensure that you comply with your state’s health and safety standards. 

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