5 Fab Things to Do in and around Frankfurt

The largest city in the German state of Hesse, the nation’s fifth-largest city and Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a fascinating city that combines a contemporary skyscraper-spiked vista with amazing historical attractions, a lively cultural scene and legendary hospitality.

If you’re visiting Frankfurt, you’re sure of a warm welcome and you’ll be mesmerised by the lush, verdant surroundings of the Rhine Valley as well as the metropolis. To save you time collating your own travel itinerary for this terrific city, we’ve done it for you. Take a lot at these five fab things to do in and around Frankfurt.


1. Museumsufer

Museum Embankment in Frankfurt

The Museumsufer (Museum Embankment) is an entire district of Frankfurt dedicated to museums and galleries, covering everything from fine arts to antiques and Jewish history to film and media. Kids have inspirational spaces like the Junges Museum and Struwwelpeter Museum. And 16 of the city’s museums are free for under-18’s. Meanwhile, if you’re a thrifty adult interested in this area, buying a Museumsufer ticket provides cheap access to 37 museums over a two-day period.

2. Old Sachsenhausen

If you fancy spending time in a laid-back neighbourhood, leafy Old Sachsenhausen is full of rustic timber-framed houses and charming bars serving Frankfurt’s signature apple wine. This was a separate village until the end of the 19th Century and it still has a serene and ambient atmosphere all of its own. 

3. Rhine Gorge

Marksburg Castle in Frankfurt

There are some gorgeous drives around this area and hiring a car in Frankfurt with Enjoy or a similar comparison site online allows you to explore the gorgeous Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO-listed scenic route along the Rhine River permeated with fabulous fairy tale castles, stunning natural vistas and historical sites. It’s hard to choose a highlight from this romantic area, but Marksburg Castle is particularly magnificent. 

4. Frankfurt Cathedral

A striking example of Gothic architecture is Frankfurt Cathedral. This is Frankfurt’s largest religious building, and has deep symbolic significance as a former coronation church of the Holy Roman Empire and a symbol of national unity. There have been religious buildings on this site since the 7th Century AD and it has seen several incarnations. Being rebuilt after a fire in 1867 and reconstructed again in the 1950s after suffering extensive damage in WWII. If you’re a fan of elegant architecture, this is must-see. 

5. Römerberg

Don’t leave Frankfurt without visiting Römerberg, the iconic square that hosts picturesque pastel-coloured medieval buildings, historical markets and more. In the middle of Altstadt (the Old Town), the most famous building is the Römer (the city hall). It has been used as the foremost civic building since the 15th Century and hosted global figures like John F Kennedy over the years. The Fountain of Justice and the Ostzeile are also outstanding. And if sightseeing gets your tummy rumbling, treating yourself to a meal at Haus Wertheym is recommended.   

As you can see, Frankfurt is a fabulous place to visit whether you’re there on business or pleasure. Your only problem might be deciding which wonderful activities to pack into your trip!

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