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5 Tools You Should Have When Starting A Writing Career In 2021

Are you thinking of shifting to another career or side hustle in the middle of a pandemic? That is possible! There are several jobs out there to choose from. But when you have a good grasp of grammar and the English language, then you should consider going to a writing career. It is a billion-dollar industry, and every business needs one. Whether for articles, very much like this one that you are reading, copywriting for sales, social media marketing, or leisure, there are several niches to choose from. On average, you can make around $20-$25 as an entry-level writer but can go up as you master the craft. Several copywriters make 6-figures a month in the comforts of their home by having a career in writing. In short, gone are the days of the starving writers. It is only a matter of skills, how well you can adapt, and finding the right tools to aid you.

There are hundreds of resources to help you when it comes to your writing career. There are your grammar checker software, plagiarism checker, CRMs, and more. But here are some of the tools that you will need along the way. And the best part? You only need one website to find all these tools. Read on to know more about PDFBear!

PDF to Word Converter

Some people, not only writers, do not know that such a tool exists. It will save you tons of time when editing your files. For example, need to update a portfolio in PDF format? How about proofreading a transcript? You can convert it to a Word document in only two minutes. One website that can help you is PDFBear. This software has partnered with Solid Documents, which brings you the best conversion from PDF to Word. PDFBear has Optical Character Recognition, which is best when it comes to extracting texts and images from your Word file. You are assured that the server can accurately do the job with minimal revisions. Aside from PDF to Word, you can also convert your files into another format using the website.

Compress PDF to Smaller File Size

When applying for a freelance or full–time position, you are going to need to send several files. This includes your resume, CV, and portfolio. Before sending your files, you can impress the recruiter by compressing your files first. For the record, this will not turn your file into a ZIP file. You get to send the same files, minus the bulky file size. It can be an advantage for you because it makes it easier to send around the files. Not only that, but loading up these files will be faster. To compress them, you can check out the Compress PDF tool in PDFBear. Similar to converting your files, the process is just as easy. All you need to do is upload the file and let the server do its job. This website can reduce the file size of your PDF by up to 70%! Up to 90% if you use the Pro version of the site.

e-Sign PDF for Your Files

When sealing the deal, you need to have a form of contract. If you are doing the transaction online by exchanging emails, it is best to use an e-signature. No need to print the contract, sign manually, then scanning the file again before sending it. You can use the site’s newest e-Sign Tool. Most people may be concerned about their privacy and phishing when it comes to signing files virtually, but this will not be a problem when you use PDFBear. Aside from the convenience, the site is also secure from hackers. No one will have access to your signature, and the website will not save a copy of it. When signing the file, you can do it directly on the server, or upload the PNG version of your signature. You may also sign using your initials alone. The site is intuitive and will even delete all uploaded files after one hour.

Add Page Numbers to Your Document

Picture this: you are already done with your transcript and already converted it to PDF. But then you forget one of the important elements: page numbers. Instead of going back to your original file, you can take that PDF file and use the Add Page Numbers Tool of PDFBear. Numbering your pages is essential as it serves as a map for the reader to guide them around your transcript. And when you are sending files, you definitely would want to keep a positive impression on yourself and your works. These little details can make or break your career, as some publishers and editors are keen on these things. PDFBear can save you in these types of situations.

Protect PDF from Lurkers and Hackers

Another tool that you will find useful is the Protect PDF feature. As the name suggests, this feature will help encrypt your file. Only those with the code or password will have access to the file. This feature is useful when sending files with sensitive information, like contracts or even unreleased transcripts. Your files will need those added security features. The site’s system uses the 256-bit encryption protocol when it comes to setting up passwords. It means that it is almost impossible to crack your passcode by any hackers.

Use PDFBear Anytime, Anywhere

The best thing about using web-based software is that you do not need to download any software or application to maximize its users. And with this, you can edit your files on the go using your phone. Here are only some tools that you can use to make your life easier when managing your files. When climbing your way up to the writing industry, you need to know some websites in your arsenal. Make sure to save this website to your browser for easier access. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are more than 20 tools that you can use for free! Check them out, and do not miss out on this awesome website.

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