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A Beginner’s Guide on Working Remotely While RV Travelling

Previously, the concept of living in a house on four wheels was associated with old, retired people. But now people of all ages are becoming interested in making the change. 

When thinking about packing up and traveling full time in an RV, the first question that most people ask is how to earn money while living on the road? Leaving a full-time desk job to travel can be a scary thought that prevents a lot of people from following their RV dreams. However, there are plenty of ways to earn a steady income and travel at the same time. 

Have you been thinking about RV traveling? Do you have burning questions on how to earn money remotely? Then this article is for you! Stay with us as we share a complete guide on working remotely while living in an RV. 

The RV Lifestyle 

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Before we get into how to work remotely, let us talk about the basics of an RV lifestyle so that you have a clear picture of what to expect if you decide to take this exciting step. 

RVers or popularly known as modern nomads, leave behind a life controlled by schedules to live freely on the road. Once they plan on where to go, they quit their jobs, sell their belongings, and invest in a suitable RV.

An RV is compact yet fully functional to support an entire household at ease. It has a built-in kitchen that can be stocked up to prepare home-cooked meals. It also has its own water system that is easy to use. To ensure that the water pressure from the camping ground does not damage the pipes, make sure you install an RV water pressure regulator to enjoy a constant supply of clean drinking water. 

With food and water taken care of, the main expense is fuel, which you can easily manage by taking up remote working opportunities. 

Managing Work on the Road

Contrary to popular belief, living on the road is not as expensive as people think it is. It costs a lot less than living in one place for a long time. Before you start looking for remote working opportunities, decide on a budget that you need to sustain you and your family. 

Once you know how much money you actually need, you can then move towards creating a strategy that leverages your skills for acquiring it.

Keeping up with being productive, you need to be able to strike the right balance between leisure and business. Creating a work schedule will help stay focused on meeting deadlines and achieving goals. Having a dedicated workspace with a steady WiFi where you can focus and work ahead will help you keep up with the tasks at hand. 

 You can then look into the following remote career options:

Freelance Writing 

If you are skilled in writing, then all you will need to make good money is a laptop and access to the internet.  

In a highly digitized world where content is everything, there are plenty of offline and online businesses that need content writers to write articles. You can also explore magazines, especially travel ones that offer good money for well-written material. 

Look out for websites such as Fiverr and Upwork that are a one-stop solution for anybody looking to get job opportunities remotely. You can share and build your portfolio to get better-paying gigs.

You could also consider starting a travel blog. Not only will it be a creative outlet to talk about your day to day experiences, but it will also allow you to generate a steady stream of income. Similarly, you could consider writing a travel book and selling it off for good money. 

Graphic Design 

For all those with a creative streak inside them, doing graphic design can be a great career option. 

Graphic designers assist businesses in visualizing and creating websites, logos, banners, and other marketing material. To take such jobs, a basic understanding of software such as Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is required. 

They also need to have excellent communication skills to fully understand what the client asks for and bring it to life. Clients include advertising agencies, magazines, and business owners in general. 

To be hired as a graphic designer, more than a degree, you need a solid portfolio to land well-paid gigs. So if you are well versed in the necessary tools and are creative, you can generate good income by becoming a remote visual creator. 

Online Tutoring 

With the rise in technology and digital tools, virtual tutoring is becoming a popular way to work remotely. Zoom, Facetime, and Google Hangouts have all made it very easy for teachers to connect with their students from any location. 

You can look out for tutoring companies online that require a bachelor’s degree and proof of expertise on the subject you apply for. Go for high demand subjects such as Math or English to make good money. 

Another option is to create online modules for different courses and sell them for money. You can also offer classes on those courses and charge fees for it. 

Utilize the Shared Economy 

Along with other means of income, you can keep generating money on the side by utilizing the assets you may currently have. If you own an apartment and decide not to sell it off, there are great possibilities for money from it. 

You can put it up on overnight stay platforms such as Airbnb. Other than the living space, each part of your house can be put up on various platforms. Put your garage up as storage space on platforms such as Spacer or rent out your driveway on platforms such as JustPark. You can also rent your car out if you don’t have plans of selling it. 

Rentals can easily be managed online via a direct bank transfer mechanism. Doing so will generate multiple revenue streams that supplement other means of income that you create along the way. 

Final Thoughts 

While living in an RV might be a dream for many people, they are usually put off by the thought of financial instability. However, once you hit the road, you’ll soon realize that there is very little that you need to stay happy. With the rise in remote working opportunities, if you plan well and stay focused, there is no possibility of you hitting a financial roadblock. 

Are you inspired to become an RV traveler? Do you have any tips for earning money flexibly? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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