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A Beginner’s Guide To RV Travel (Yes, Really) with Richard Kerr

Yes, you read the title right. As we’re still knee deep in the COVID-19 crisis and international travel for US citizens is pretty much off the menu, it’s time to start getting creative.

Ed’s been researching RV (recreational vehicle) travel for the past few months. But don’t worry, he promises the podcast will get back to “normal” travel soon. However, RV rentals are a relevant topic right now.

On this episode of Miles to Go, Ed is joined by Richard Kerr, who just bought his own travel trailer and pickup truck to hit the road with his family.

Ed has already rented one RV and has another one scheduled soon. He’s done a ton of research and will likely buy an RV soon. In this informative yet humorous episode, Richard and Ed get together to share what they’ve learned about RV travel.

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