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A Freelancer’s Guide to Doing Business More Effectively

Working as a freelancer is a great way to become your own boss; freelance work allows you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world on your own schedule, providing the work is completed by its deadline. Freelance work is becoming very popular, and many people are shedding their desk jobs in favor of financial independence. It’s fantastic, and if you have a way of working as a freelancer, then you absolutely should pursue it. Freelancers can earn twice the national average wage and work the way that they want to work. 

This page will tell you exactly how you can work more effectively and provide your clients with a better service as a freelancer. Whether you are a videographer, a writer, an artist, or just starting out, then this page is for you.

Clear and Concise Agreements

The problem many freelancers have is writing up agreements. Unless you come from a legal background, then writing up your own contracts can be incredibly difficult. Thankfully, there are many online services available that can produce high-quality written agreements for a very low cost. These agreements are an essential component of the freelancing process, as you will have to often serve your clients with these pieces of paperwork. Written agreements are a way that a freelancer can ensure he will be paid properly and only work as per the hours he has been hired to work. 

You should ensure your written agreements are clear and concise and straight to the point; long-winded agreements are a sure-fire way to deter potential employers from wanting to work with you and a guaranteed way to overcomplicate the hiring process. Ensure in the future that your written agreements get straight to the point and do not mess around.

Face-to-Face Networking

Despite the fact that a majority of the work a freelancer will do is online, face-to-face networking can still prove highly beneficial. Our lives are, unquestionably, technology-driven, and we have become very accustomed to hearing voices over the phone, rather than seeing faces over the table as a freelancer face-to-face networking can be wonderful. It will give you the opportunity to network and make connections that can benefit you in the future. Freelancing is essentially a customer-service job; the client must be happy, and as must you. Networking can give you the opportunity to meet your clients personally and meet new clients.

Build Relationships

Working as a freelancer, as aforementioned, is a lot like customer service. You must build strong relationships that can last many years. You never know when you may be useful and could be called upon. Building relationships with your clients and other writers is a great way to open doors for yourself in the future and create potential job opportunities. Wherever you come across a writer or a client, stick them in your phonebook and give them a message occasionally to let them know you are thinking about them and you are there.

Working Hours

While working as a freelancer, as aforementioned, gives you a level of freedom when it comes to breaking the constraints of working nine-to-five, fixed working hours can still be highly beneficial and aid you in working effectively and efficiently. Working whenever you want can become problematic, and you can quickly find yourself spiraling out of control, missing deadlines, and not finishing your work to the standard in which you have previously agreed to have finished it. Write a schedule up and set aside; however many hours are necessary a day for you to complete your daily quota. This way, every single day has routine and order.

Take on What’s Reasonable

Only take on work that is reasonable. If you take on too much work, you risk overwhelming yourself and making yourself late for deadlines. If you are consistently late, you will be held in low-regard and will be unlikely to receive high-paying jobs. You should only take on the amount of work that you are certain you can do every single day. It is very easy for freelancers to take on more than they can handle, but you should ensure that you never do this for yourself, your reputation, and your clients.


Communication is a very important component of freelancing. You must make sure that you reply to your clients and other writers quickly and develop a reputation for quick answers. Reply to your emails as soon as you get them, and if you use a private chat application to communicate with clients, reply quickly.

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Now you know a few ways to do business more effectively as a freelancer. Freelancing opens many doors and is a great way to make money at home.

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