magic kingdom sunrise livestream

A Magical Start to the Day

Who knew that a Magic Kingdom sunrise livestream on YouTube was a thing?!

What Keeps You Motivated and Productive?

A lot of remote or independent workers have odd hours due to the flexibility of our work. Many early mornings have been spent on emails or reports with nothing but coffee and morning news to keep us company (and motivated). I’ve discovered that based on what type of work or task I’m doing, different types of audio make me more productive.

Awhile back I read that there had been studies done to support this concept. I also know that in coworking spaces some sounds/audio can be disrupting. For example listening to one side of a conversation (phone call) is more distracting than both sides.

For me, chores seem to fly by when listening to a podcast. Where when I’m on a deadline a little EDM helps keep me focused. I’m often up early, working by 6am and I can easily get sucked into the cable news vortex. Lately I’ve been looking for alternatives like meditation apps or productivity playlists on Spotify. Well, turns out nothing compares to starting an early morning with a LIVESTREAM OF THE MAGIC KINGDOM AT SUNRISE.

Magic Kingdom Sunrise Livestream

I didn’t know this was a thing, but now that I do, I had to share it with you fine folks. Who knew that a little disney background music and beautiful visuals would be just what this sleepy eyed guy needed to jumpstart the day?

What are some of your favorite audio routines? Can’t miss podcasts? Go to playlists? Please share them on Twitter or in the comments here.

Happy Tuesday. Happy May. May it be magical!

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