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American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping Portal

This post is part of a long-form series documenting the process of completing a status match challenge. For the master post on my experience matching from United Airlines MileagePlus Premier 1k to American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum, click here.

AAdvantage eShopping Portal

a screenshot of a website

A few weeks into the AA status match challenge, I noticed that I was getting offered promotions for some pretty easy mileage earning. One of the easiest “to-do’s” were just installing the eShopping Chrome Extension and getting the email, which I proceeded to then forward rule send to read/archive…

Easy Earning on Everyday Spending (or better yet business expenses?)

There’s also been some great promotions on purchases such as The Motley Fool, WSJ, The Economist, Sprint and Hulu! Double checking the rates for mileage earning on the United portal proved that AA came out on top. Especially with the devaluation that The Points Guy recently noted in his most recent monthly valuation chart (It’s pretty handy)

There is plenty that I have not enjoyed learning in this new AAdvantage world. However, I must admit that these “challenges” and promotions can prove to provide some low spend/high return earning opportunities. Makes me wonder why United isn’t stepping up more? ?

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