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Enter to Win: Trip to Belize’s New Overwater Bungalow Coworking Space

As more and more people work remotely, destinations are adapting accordingly. Belize has taken this adaptation to a whole new level with the concept of “Belizesure”. Read on to learn how you could win an all-expenses-paid, five-day trip for two to Belize, including use of an overwater coworking bungalow!

Belizesure: A Mix of Business, Leisure & Belize

Anyone who works remote or considers themself a digital nomad is well acquainted with the benefits of being able to work and travel. However, they’re not the only ones looking to plug into power and WiFi in between dips in the pool.

Enter Belizesure: a new campaign from the Belize Tourism Board has led to the creation of the Belizesure Coworking Bungalow, where guests can work in an amazing overwater bungalow that looks far more like the ideal vacation home than an office.

According to Project: Time Off, a study researching the state of American vacation habits, even full time employees on PTO (paid time off) are working while “Out of Office”. Why? Sadly, because of fear. In a world demanding 24/7 connectivity, many are afraid of looking replaceable at their workplace (61 percent), returning to a heavy workload (56 percent) or a lack of coverage by co-workers (56 percent). It seems many have decided that the best way to offset this stress is to simply work while on vacation.

Tobacco Cay

Belize is a small country that offers a rich mixture of cultures and activities. Tobacco Cay, a tiny private island ten miles off the coast of Belize, is the perfect Caribbean getaway where you can also get work done — an ideal spot for entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads.

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Tobacco Caye might feel like a tiny, remote island. Even though visitors can walk from one side of the island to the other within a couple minutes, there’s plenty of delicious cuisine and water sports. Looking for world-class snorkeling? The Belize Barrier Reef is just a short boat ride away.

The Belizesure Coworking Bungalow

The overwater bungalow coworking space offers all the modern amenities guests need to be comfortable and productive. Featuring an open-concept layout, there are standing desks, a wellness center, parking, a meeting room, WiFi and more.

Enter To Win!

The Belize Tourism Board is looking to give away an all-expenses-paid, five-day trip for two to Belize. What’s the catch? Applicants are asked to send an email explaining why they are the perfect person to demonstrate curiosity and appetite for adventure while also juggling their work obligations.

To win, send an email to belizesure@gmail.com explaining why you’re the perfect candidate! Deadline for submissions is April 9th. Entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States to be considered. See official rules here.

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