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Bonvoy-age, Marriott! I’m Off To a Whole New World…of Hyatt

Between massive mergers like SPG and Marriott or totally changing a program such as United did this year, the loyalty programs that we knew and loved have all changed. The question is have you evolved with them or is your strategy going extinct?

These Aren’t The Loyalty Programs You Used to Know

The thing that I love the most about travel is how everyone has a different way of doing it. Some like it luxe. Others are more adventurous. There’s staycations and trips around the world alike. Motels, Boutiques, B&Bs, Homeshares, etc. As someone who spends 2/3 of the year on the road for work I bare with the frustrations or limitations of larger loyalty programs (i.e. Marriott Bonvoy) that allow me to take leisure trips I’d never be able to (or want to) pay cash for.

It usually pays off. I’ve strayed very rarely. Like when I gave American Airlines Executive Platinum a chance but went running back to my beloved United.

God knows I’ve gotten value out of SPG and Marriott since I began frequently traveling in 2015. Who could forget that trip to Dubai? That said, the value I get has significantly decreased. I stuck with them however because they still fit best for being a small business owner/freelancer/travel blogger. With a new job comes new expenditures and markets which may or may not line up with what I’ve known for the last five years.

The Final Straw

I won’t bore you with the details but last year there was nothing memorable about any of my experiences with Marriott Bonvoy. Using my suite certificates was an 8 month ordeal, but I’m just now realizing how lucky I was to even get them to clear. The quality at properties has gotten worse and whatever was left of the SPG magic has faded away.

Not to mention, the last promotion left me having to fight for points that I rightfully earned AND I’m still missing points from their technology fail in 2019.

My pal Ed from Pizza in Motion and Miles to Go has, as long as I’ve known him, been a Hyatt guy. Right around the time the SPG/Marriott deal happened is when we met and since then he’s always provided color commentary on my loyalty to SPG/Marriott – now Bonvoy.

Anyway, now that I’m gonna be doing a lot more corporate travel in markets where Hyatt has a better footprint, not to mention I’m attending a wedding and two conferences this year at Hyatt properties, I figured why not give it a go. I’ll hit 60 nights before I know it, right?

First Impressions

It’s not like I’ve NEVER stayed at a Hyatt. It’s just that when I have, I wasn’t the one earning the points. Any trips where I did was prior to the World of Hyatt program. So, that means that I’m earning Globalist the hard way (for now). Without getting a credit card and by missing out on the AAdvantage status match offer I’ll be “sleeping” my way to status. 🤣

First take though is pretty great. The technology works better all around. The app, the wifi and the TV. Breakfast was better. The market at the Hyatt House I’m staying at currently had better options. Here we go…

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