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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: An Airline Status Match Challenge

For those unfamiliar with what a status match challenge is, it’s when one loyalty program (typically an airline) but also applicable to hotels, rental cars, etc will offer to match your current status with a competitor. Occasionally a company will match your status just by providing proof of your existing membership in their competitor’s program. Most times, however you need to meet a minimum requirement to receive the match for the rest of the program year through the next. I’ll be updating this master post documenting my experience attempting to achieve American Airline’s AAdvantage Executive Platinum status as a match to my current United Airlines MileagePlus Premier 1k status.

Part I: Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

At the beginning of August I found myself searching for a way to retain my prized United Airlines Premier 1k status. Not unlike Andrea Bocelli, it appeared that after 350,382 lifetime miles (more than half of all the miles I’ve flown), I was going to have to say goodbye to the “Friendly Skies”…

Time to say goodbye
to countries I never
saw and shared with you,
now, yes, I shall experience them.
(just not on United)
Sadly I never got to fully enjoy airline loyalty programs before they switched to a revenue based model. Flying over 100,000 miles a year is something I’ve done with ease since 2015, but hitting $12,000 in annual spend? Not so easy. Having been based in Washington, DC and then Chicago, IL it made logical sense to fly United Airlines. My first year of frequent travel I hit Gold and discovered the benefits of international lounge access and…read more

Stay Tuned

We’ll be updating this post regularly with comparisons of the AAdvantage and MileagePlus programs, Apps, Flight Reviews and More!

Challenge Status as of 8/28/18

$764 EQDs (Currently appealing to have a $450 day-of paid upgrade to Business Class be included in that spend)

10,591 EQMs

4 EQSs

Only $3,236 EQDs & 24,409 EQMs to go…

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