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Centurion Lounges Surprise Members with Holiday Gifts

Reports began surfacing today that American Express Card Members visiting Centurion Lounges are being surprised with some extra nice travel friendly holiday gifts.

Save Some Room Under that Tree

Timestamp 3:00 pm when sitting at my desk I spit out my coffee reading a member post in the Award Travel 101 Facebook group:

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That’s right. AMEX is surprising Card Members visiting one of their nine Centurion Lounge locations with some pretty sweet travel friendly tech holiday gifts. As if access to their Global Lounge Collection wasn’t benefit enough?

Show Me The Swag

AMEX surprising their members with holiday gifts isn’t what shocked me. After all, they do it every year. This year they even announced what they were up to:

Card Members will enjoy surprise and delight treats like: L’Occitane skin care sets, Vosges chocolate making, Allure beauty boxes, hot chocolate and Sanctuary T stations by Marriott. Before departing, Card Members will also receive a special gift: Dopp Kit sets from Away, packed with travel essentials.

– American Express press release

With no publicly listed dates or locations, it would be expected that you’d hit or miss it based on luck. Posts on social media showed amenity kits and celebrity chef meet and greets, but nothing crazy to miss out on.

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Photo credit: Geovana I. (TPG Lounge)

That was until I saw as reported above by Andy Hicks, that at MIA, he received a Bose Soundlink Color II speaker, exclusive to Centurion Card Members (yes, the AMEX Black Card). Platinum Card Members were given an Amazon Echo Dot. Considering that the original promotion was set to end on Dec. 17th, Card Members now have another reason why they’ll want to visit while on holiday travel.

American Express Centurion Lounge

The Centurion is an airport lounge brand developed and operated by AMEX, offered exclusively to select Card Members. For the last five years these lounges have redefined the standard for the US domestic airport lounge. While both American and United have followed their lead, AMEX has opened more lounges in less time and continues to announce new locations.

Exclusive only to holders of their Platinum or Centurion cards, in addition to offering access upon departure and arrival at all airport locations, they also can access suites at Barclays Center and STAPLES Center (Lest we forget pop up versions at can’t miss events like the US Open, Coachella or London Fashion Week.)

Alas, I have still not visited a Centurion Lounge. My top three visited airports are ORD, IAD and DCA, none of which have a location. The slim chances I’ve had to check one out were dashed once to a flight delay and the other to a construction delay (on their part). The Points Guy has an amazing post covering anything you’d want to know. 

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