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Why The Chase Freedom Flex is a New Card You Should Consider

If you’ve taken some time to re-evaluate your credit card strategy during quarantine, here’s a new card you want to check out.

Miles to Go Ep. 138 – Chase Freedom Flex is the New Credit Card I’m Thinking About

This week on Miles to Go, Ed offers a deep dive on the brand new Chase Freedom Flex credit card. In addition to some pretty awesome bonus categories, it also offers you an alternative to turbo charging your cash back strategy. In the unlikely case you aren’t looking to max out your points and miles!

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Miles to Go: Travel Tips, News & Reviews You Can’t Afford To Miss

Hosted by Ed Pizza, the Miles to Go podcast serves up travel tips, news and reviews you can’t afford to miss! Whether you’re a points and miles newbie looking to book a trip for free or you log 100k + miles a year and want the low down on new properties, routes and planes, they’ve got the world’s top travel experts and bloggers to share their knowledge and insights with you.

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