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Cheap Flights to China and 99 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

The Daily Download is a curation of great content that interests us on an (almost) daily basis. This is your shortcut to find quality content applicable to living your best Coworkaholic life without the hassle of searching. Today’s highlights include Cheap Flights to China and 99 Side Hustles You Can Start Today.

Coworkaholic Travel

One of the best ways to start searching for cheap airfare is to research each market. It’s also good to know which routes are the busiest. It’s no surprise that eight of the busiest routes are in this one region.

TSA has announced that there are six new carriers participating in their TSA PreCheck program – one of which is our favorite affordable ways to get to Canada!

The route wars in Asia are heating up with plenty of cheap flights to China starting at $394 RT Economy and $886 RT Premium Economy.

Coworkaholic Hustle

Politicians and pundits on both sides of the aisle aren’t quite sure how to handle such low unemployment. If you’re an independent worker than you probably aren’t too surprised by what the data says.

If you work for yourself and are looking for great podcasts to add your your library, tune into the #iMakeALiving Podcast. A recent favorite episode of ours is all about how to “Slow Down to Speed Up”.

Not everyone can or should just up and quit there job. More times than not it’s better to start with a “side hustle” before you commit full time to being a freelancer or founder. Here’s some great ideas (99 of them) on how to start your next gig.

Coworkaholic Gear

That feeling of Coworkaholic vindication when the New York Times writes about why everyone needs a good 10 ft. extension cord!

a laptop and a notebookIf there is one thing I get complimented on more than anything else, it’s my BookBook MacBook Cover. It’s my single favorite tech accessory – protecting my computer while looking super stylish. They have a full line of them including different sizes for all Mac laptops, iPhones and a new version just for dongles!



Speaking of dongles, one of our other go to accessories is the Travel GRID-IT to manage all our cable, chargers and connectors.

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