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The Coolest WeWork Spaces You Can Access With Your Platinum Amex

While Amex cards can carry a hefty annual fee, it’s hard to ignore the multitude of benefits card members have access to. The Amex Business Platinum comes with some sweet perks including access to Centurion Lounge locations, Boingo WiFi and now access to WeWork’s 335+ locations worldwide.

Global Access to WeWork

The recently increased annual fee for the Amex Business Platinum card is now $595. You might have a hard time justifying that large of a fee but now that you get global access to WeWork, that benefit alone makes up in value what you pay. A membership to WeWork is more than just access to workspace. You get access to events, creative common areas, printers, coffee, offices supplies and plenty more.

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There’s something to be said about working out of locally owned, neighborhood coworking spaces. But, when you’re on the go and working all over the world, it’s tough to beat the number of locations WeWork offers. The best part about working out of a WeWork? Creative and inspiring environments that push the boundaries of what you can expect an office to look like.

While many spaces have a similar vibe (borderline startup-bro-ish) they all have unique touches that represent the history of the building or neighborhood. Here are some amazing WeWork locations you’ll love:

Terrace at WeWork Wonder Bread in Washington, DC.

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Located in the historic building that was home to the first Wonder Bread factory in Washington, DC this patio is to die for. Besides having amazing views of the city’s skyline, it’s located in Shaw, one of the hottest neighborhoods. Plus – you’ll love the custom Twinkie wall paper.

“Barbería Capital” Barber Shop at Montes Urales in Mexico City

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You always want to make sure that you’re looking your best before that big meeting. Well, lucky you! Barbería Capital, an iconic barber shop from Mexico City opened their newest location in the WeWork Montes Urales location.

A Historic Ballroom in New York City

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WeWork has a lot of locations in historic buildings (see above) but one of the most well known is WeWork Bryant Park in Manhattan. Dating all the way back to 1902, this location’s main feature is a converted ballroom. With a beautiful wrought iron staircase and soaring windows, you can use this space for daily meetings or private events and conferences.

The Basketball Court Yunnan Lu in Shanghai

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While some locations have recording studios, screening rooms, gyms or even pools, if you are craving time to play some hoops, you’re all set. WeWork Yunnan Lu in Shanghai has an outdoor terrace basketball court.

WeWork Galaxy in Bengaluru’s Rooftop Pool

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Speaking of pools, there aren’t many locations with this fabulous amenity, but there is one at the WeWork Galaxy in Bengaluru, India. Located in a fully renovated movie theatre, this full furnished rooftop terrace not only has a pool but also a wellness center.

What are your favorite WeWork locations? Do you like them because of their location, design or unique amenities? Tell us in the comments below!

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