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When Covo opened in San Francisco, CA just about two years ago, it was a unique take on coworking for sure. Their motto is “Life. Work. Balanced.” Yes there are private offices, dedicated desks available, as well as monthly hot desk memberships. The best part of this space, however, is the fact that you can use the main area with a great blend of seating by the hour! (Not to mention there’s a cafe and bar, too!)

Covo – The Coworkaholic Review

How many times do you just need somewhere to go (that’s not a Starbucks) for an hour or two? Just to grab some wifi or some quiet, productivity time. While charging for space by the hour wasn’t a new idea, it was the unique blend of all types of space that makes Covo special. Their central location on Mission St. is also perfect for coworking during the day, happy hour to kick off your night out or for events on the weekend.

If I could change one thing…and it’s not really a big deal, but some of you might think so, it’s that there’s no free coffee. I’m more than happy to pay the hourly rate (even if it was a dollar or two more) if drip coffee was provided complimentary. Those who are familiar with SF understand that there’s a large homeless population. While I’ve never experienced issues myself, it’s always good to be aware of your surroundings.

They recently opened their second location in downtown St. Louis, just a block from the St. Louis Arch, which is even bigger with more space for private offices and dedicated desks.

If you’re interested in learning more about the space…here’s an interview of the co-founders we recorded for their SF Grand Opening:

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