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Daily Download 4.20.18

The Daily Download is a curation of great content that interest us on a daily basis. This is your shortcut to find quality content applicable to living your best Coworkaholic life without the hassle of searching.

Happy 4/20

Coworkaholic Tech

  • If you’re like many, chances are that you’ve cut the cord on cable tv. I recently switched to YouTube TV after dumping AT&T and their DirectTVNOW package. It appears the pricing wars have just begun with new “skinny” bundles…
  • Just more reasons to be in awe of and fear A.I. at the same time.
  • Apple’s newest invention is meant to help combat the negative environmental effects of all our old devices.

Coworkaholic Food

  • Cucumbers are one of our favorite things to snack on, add to recipes and even to water. This one simple tip takes a common ingredient and makes them SO much better…
  • A handful of nomads paired adventures with their best recipes...

Coworkaholic Travel

Coworkaholic Gear

  • Who doesn’t love a good list of amazing things found on Amazon? Especially when it makes “suck-y things…suck…less”!
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