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Coworkaholic Works From Home: Your Weekly Guide to Remote Work

Coworkaholic Productivity

Inability to complete quality work can be quite worrisome with the many distractions that can come from COVID-19 and just being at home in general. NPR’S LifeKit provides tips to ensure you’re equipped with the necessary resources and information to complete your work.

Don’t allow working from home to stress you out. Lifehack has some vital tips that will help you find that inner peace again in the midst of all that is happening around you.

Coworkaholic Hustle

Are you ready for a job change? Has self-quarantine inspired you to explore some alternative job opportunities? Check out these 100 companies on Monster that are currently hiring. You may find your dream job!

Coworkaholic Reminders

During this period of self-quarantine, amid COVID-19, many employers are making their employees work from home. Try to remember the perks that can come from this:

  1. Safety & Security in your home
  2. Create a custom environment that suits your needs
  3. Engage in some at-home self care with help from this guide from Good Housekeeping
  4. Own that workstyle! Who cares what works for anyone else?

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