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Deskpass Officially Launches in Boston

Deskpass, a monthly membership that offers you access to 200+ coworking spaces in Chicago, NYC, SF, LA, Austin and Denver has officially launched their 7th city: Boston, MA.

When One Coworking Membership Isn’t Enough

The majority of coworking users still primarily use one main location. For those who join larger brands such as WeWork, Industrious or Spaces, they might do so to bounce between specific parts of town or even cities they frequent. That’s great and everything, but what about if you’re in need of a wider variety of options? Enter Deskpass.

Mike, our Coworkaholic in Chief, loves Deskpass for many reasons. One of them is that they offer such a great option for Coworkaholics who need or prefer to have greater flexibility or variety in booking and use of shared spaces.

Boston Coworking Spaces on Deskpass

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Here’s the list of great Boston coworking spaces that are currently available to be booked via Deskpass:

About Deskpass

The genesis of Deskpass came from the founders’ experience opening the first coworking space in downtown Chicago, The Coop. After selling The Coop and building space management software, they invented Deskpass.

We wanted a simple and awesome way to share the power of coworking, introduce great spaces and help lovely people meet as many other lovely people as possible.

Sam Rosen, Co-Founder

Free Trial & Special Offer for Coworkaholic Readers

Deskpass is currently offering all new customers a complimentary one month trial membership for your first four visits. Save up to $99! Use promo code COWORKAHOLIC for 50% off your first month of paid membership!

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