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Download the New Hertz App & Get a Free Rental Day

As a loyal Hertz President’s Circle customer who earned 173,250 United MileagePlus miles from car rentals last year, I always wondered when they’d step up their digital game. While I prefer their level of customer service or the ability to pick any car I want, allowing me to drive a Cadillac for only $18/day, both their web and app offerings were limited.

I’ve been bouncing between Avis and Hertz, taking advantage of an American Airlines Executive Platinum bonus (similar to Hertz’s United Premier 1k offer). While cars at Avis are never as nice, often not as clean and offer few to no upgrades, their digital offerings were far superior. This left me choosing between options that both aren’t ideal, because the Hertz sites weren’t mobile adaptive, often buggy and their app was almost totally useless.

$32 Million For A Website & App That Didn’t Work

Recently news hit which quickly explained everything as to why Hertz seemed to be lagging behind. Turns out that after hiring Accenture to re-design their website, web app and mobile apps (to the tune of $32 million!!!) and countless delays spanning almost two years, they were unable to deliver a single thing.

Now that there is a lawsuit fully underway, whoever Hertz hired has in less than a year fixed any damage done and has rolled out a greatly improved website and now, a mobile app! To celebrate the new app, they’re giving away a FREE* day (as long as you use the app to book a 5-day rental).

Get a Free Day! Just Download The New Hertz App…(and….)

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I’m a sucker for click bait subject lines, so I certainly fell hard for this one. Hertz just pushed out an email with a subject line promoting a FREE day*. Once you open said email, you quickly discover it’s if you book a 5 day rental with said app.

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Well, a free day is a free day…

If you already had the Hertz app, and opt in to auto downloads, you might have noticed a second app on your device. You know the old one must have been bad if they couldn’t even update it. Left me confused for a bit, but I finally deleted the old one (a bit tricky since they look identical).

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Now, a free rental car day might not be special for those of you who own an Audi. But, as someone who is always searching for great offers with Hertz and rented from them 63 times in 2018, I can’t think of an offer where you just got a day for downloading an app* (oh, and booking a 5 day rental).

The New, Faster Hertz App (Finally…)

What makes the new Hertz app so much better? Pretty much anything any of their competitors have offered (let alone what any other booking app out there can do).

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For more details on the offer and to download the new app, click here.

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