If you’re flying within or departing from the European Union, EC 261 is the equivalent of a “Passengers Bill of Rights”. This regulation ensures that airlines fairly compensate passengers for a variety of travel interruptions.

EC 261: EU Flight Compensation Regulation

Flight delays, cancellations, lost luggage, missed connections. These are all issues that come along with air travel. The only thing worse than dealing with those problems are if the airlines don’t offer financial compensation or assistance. And while there are insurance policies or even coverage provided by credit cards, not everyone has equal access to the same type of options.

That’s since changed within the European Union with the passage of EC 261, the EU’s Flight Compensation Regulation. Even though legally mandated, airlines have made the process more than just a bit frustrating. On a recent episode of Miles to Go, Becky from sightDOINGshares everything you need to know about EC 261.

Knowing these passenger rights will ensure that you get paid for applicable delays or cancellations.

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