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Five Ways to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely

As founder of Running Remote, a question I get often is how to convince your boss to work remotely. If you’ve had trouble getting your boss to approve working remotely, you should watch this video! I’ve got 5 major tips on how to ask your boss to let you work remotely.

What You Need to Know Before You Ask Your Boss to Work Remotely

To work remotely, you need to create clear goals for your boss or manager and have accountability built in. People who find it difficult to get approval, do so because their boss doesn’t have those aforementioned points in place.

Additional Info on Working Remotely You Should Read Before You Chat With Your Boss

If you’re looking for more info, studies about remote work can be found here. Check out some remote work agreements at Tara will send you any templates you need.

About Running Remote

Running Remote is the world’s largest remote work conference. If you are serious about managing remote teams, this event is for you. Running Remote is curated to teach actionable strategies and tactics you can utilize to manage and grow your distributed team.

Our third annual conference will provide education and tools that founders & professionals need to succeed in the future of work. This is a gathering of leaders who will share everything they’ve learnt running a remote first organization. Speakers include Nomadic Matt, the Head of HR for Automattic, Head of Remote for Angel List and more!

Save the date: April 20-21, 2020 in Austin, TX!

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