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Hubud, the “Most Beautiful Coworking Space in the World” Gets New Owner

Hubud, the first coworking space in Bali and frequent winner of any “Top 10”, “Best of” or “Most Beautiful” list ever published, has a new owner.

Hubud: Hub-in-Ubud

Hubud (which stands for “Hub-In-Ubud”) is located in the center of Ubud, Bali across the street from the world famous Sacred Monkey Forest. The Indonesian village was once a far cry from the tourist beaches of Seminyak on the southern end of the island. That was until Eat, Pray, Love. Since then, the spotlight has shown bright on the location of the “Love” part of the best-seller book.

Founded in 2012 by four parents all whom had children at Green School and all who just so happened to be fed up with lack of remote workspace and amenities. It’s been almost five years since couple Steve Munroe and Renee Martyna (half of the OG four) have been running the coworking space and cafe. In addition to hosting thousands of nomads, remote teams and yogis, hundreds of annual/weekly events and cultivating a global online community.

Hubud to merge with Dojo Bali

After months of “clandestine meetings” and following a “secret handshake”, Steve and Renee informed members that Hubud would be merging with Dojo Bali. In doing so, they are stepping out of active management, but participating as strategic advisors and brand ambassadors. Michael Craig, Founder of Dojo Bali, and new majority owner shared: “Honestly. Two amazing communities coming together has the ability to create positive social change and impact the larger Bali community, overall. I’m seriously excited about what lays ahead.”

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In the email to Hubud members, there was additional news: Hubud memberships will be lowering in price to match it’s sister space, Dojo Bali. Members will have full access to both locations as well as Facebook groups.

As of March 1, Renee and I are stepping out of active management of Hubud and Michael will have full executive control. We will continue to participate as strategic advisors, brand ambassadors and other roles as helpful from our new base in London , UK. Michael holds the leadership role in the new company and is the majority owner.

Personally, we are very excited as this feels EXACTLY right. When Renee and I left Bali mid 2018, a number of people and companies expressed interest in partnering or purchasing Hubud. To be honest (and no offence to some of those who are now reading this!) none of them felt like a perfect solution, until this.

Our teams already know each other well and have worked together on several significant events such as Startup Weekend and the Cogiving Hackathon. Michael has a proven track record of managing coworking spaces in Bali (its own unique ecosystem!) and will bring some new systems and processes to what we do to streamline operations.

Steve Munroe & Renee Martyna, Co-Founders of Hubud

For the time being, there are no major changes beyond those noted above. Though there are acknowledgements that “behind the scenes, small changes will take place to continuously improve the Hubud offer.”

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