The Daily Download is a curation of great content that interests us on an (almost) daily basis. This is your shortcut to find quality content applicable to living your best Coworkaholic life without the hassle of searching. Today’s highlights include judging mobile order users and a wrinkle anxiety curing travel steamer.

Coworkaholic Travel

What has and continues to be a long argued debate of etiquette: who does the middle armrest belong to?

Judging Us Mobile Order Users

Why does it seem that us mobile order users get a bad wrap? I’ll never forget the difference between my perspective and a fellow customer that was happy to wait in line at Starbucks. Only because it meant he spent more time away from his desk. Why shame my desire to optimize my time?

Coworkaholic Gear

For anyone that’s on the go and trying to keep track of their AirPods, these are a great accessory to add to your next Amazon shopping spree.

Travel+Leisure claims This travel steamer will apparently cure any wrinkle anxiety you might have on your next trip.

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