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#loveMatija – A European Freelancers Week Tribute Event to Matija Raos

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First held in 2016, European Freelancers Week is a curation of events in different cities across Europe with the common goal of bringing together independent professionals. Events are hosted by a variety of corporations, coworking spaces and freelancers looking to inspire and connect their communities to the global freelance movement. #loveMatija is an inaugural event hosted in memory of one of EFW’s lead organizers and champions, Matija Raos.

Supporting Independent Workers

The mission of European Freelancers Week is to inspire, connect, promote, activate and encourage co-creation among local, regional and national freelancer communities. This week long celebration hosted in cities throughout Europe is the world’s largest annual celebration of independent work aimed at empowering self-organizing of the self-employed.

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Based on the principles of inclusivity, crowdsourcing and decentralization, anyone can participate by hosting their own event and submitting it to the list of posted events. With support from the European Union Parliament, Member States are encouraged to recognize and support freelance workers as a vital force in economic recovery.

Being an independent worker provides an individual with great freedom, at certain costs. Besides being responsible for personal finances, one must also manage their businesses’ taxes, finances and even insurance. An unexpected expense or illness can easily wipe out one’s bank account or keep someone from being able to work without the security of a salary.


Matija Raos dedicated himself to working with the EU to educate and inform governments on the importance of helping minimize the burden of regulation on this workforce.  His efforts, beyond co-leading EFW lead to measurable action within the EU to encourage freelancers in launching and growing independent businesses, while being acknowledged as a unique subset of micro-businesses.

When Matija was first given such a devastating diagnosis, a community rallied behind him, raising over $50,000 in just days to help him cover costs of medical care. While his passing left a void in this space for many that knew and loved him, this year, an inaugural event, #loveMatija is being hosted in his hometown of Zagreb, Croatia to celebrate his life and spirit.

Creating a Legacy

Matija’s dedication to being an advocate for freelancers from all walks of life will live on beyond the event on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. The European Coworking Assembly, along with the organizing body behind European Freelancers Week is working to create a fund in his memory, with the intention to provide a financial resource to those in financial or medical distress.

The inaugural event is being organized by the ECA and EFW in addition to the Croatian Independent Professionals Association as well as Coworking Croatia. The goal being to host this annual event in different countries where Matija’s impact has been felt, and beyond.

The evening’s program, hosted at Botanicar by Matija’s friends and family will include Coworkaholic’s Mike LaRosa, speaking to Matija’s memory and the power of accelerated serendipity and community. A musical performance will also take place, featuring the DJ duo Vektor + Neonski, both of whom are independent workers: Ilijan Kotarac, a software engineer for Five Minutes and Timotej Neonski, a motion designer and art director.

a man speaking into a microphoneFor those looking for more information on the event or to attend, click here. You can read more about Matija in our post on his passing and by visiting the #loveMatija tribute site. Coworkaholic will be posting all updates on the soon to be announced fundraising efforts as soon as they are made available.

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