closest coworking space to Washington Dulles

Review: Brickyard Coworking – Ashburn, VA

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Opened just over two years ago, Brickyard Coworking in Ashburn, VA is the closest coworking space to Washington Dulles International Airport. Since the day of AOL and the dot com boom (and bust), the surrounding Dulles region has grown at a pace far above the national average. For you road warriors on a layover or in for a quick trip, the area the bounty of hotels, business centers and shopping will provide you everything you need. If you’re looking for a coworking community or happen to be a local looking for home coworking spot, you might have a harder time. Enter Brickyard Coworking

Having expanded three times in under two years, Brickyard Coworking provides their members with options of flex/open seating, dedicated desks and private offices. Meeting rooms in an array of sizes are available. Phone booths and a very comfortable kitchen lounge add for nice amenities at this location.

Located on the second floor of a retail/office development, it’s across the street from the George Washington University satellite campus. In addition you’ll find a great variety of restaurants, shopping and entertainment around the corner at One Loudoun.

Closest Coworking Space to Washington Dulles

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Airports could be (and some almost are) considered cities, economically speaking. Taking into considering the financial, manufacturing, labor and development impact these transportation hubs create, it was IAD that helped soften the blow from the dot com bust and ’08 recession. Sitting on the boundary line of Loudon and Fairfax Counties in Northern Virginia, IAD has spurred on a quickly growing talent pool of young, educated and wealthy workers.

One of the elements of living in a larger home in the suburbs, versus less space in the city is the idea that there’s space to work from home. While space is a great start, there are still (and maybe more) distractions, interruptions, temptations that come from working full time at home.

Having worked in Brickyard Ashburn since the opening, it’s so exciting to see a lively and engaged community grow in such a way. This week’s lunch and learn provided not just tasty Chik-fil-A nuggets but also financial advice for managing quarterly taxes. It’s no wonder that there’s a waiting list for offices and more demand leading to a third addition to this location by the end of 2018.

Disclosure Statement: Brickyard Coworking is a client of the firm AgoraRDM, of which this author is a partner.

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