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While traveling throughout North America with Coworker.com on the QTLY tour back in 2017, I had a chance to visit CIC Miami, one of seven locations worldwide.

What’s CIC?

CIC stands for Cambridge Innovation Center, named for their first location in Cambridge, MA which opened in 1999. Since that time, the organization has expanded far beyond their incubator roots. My first time visiting a CIC location was during the 2016 Results Junkies tour when we set up shop at their St. Louis location.

CIC focuses on building innovation communities. They’ve had great success doing so, launching programs and partnerships such as District Hall, Lab | Central, and Venture Cafe. All of their locations offer high-quality flex workspace, private offices and coworking. At the Miami, FL and St. Louis, MO locations, they also have wet and prep chemical and biological lab space.

Tech AND Community Do Co-Exist

Having toured several locations now, CIC delivers the best combination of a tech/innovation and “traditional” coworking space with premium amenities. A lot of spaces that focus on tech get roped into the “bro/startup” culture, but that’s where CIC stands apart.

Located in the nation’s second largest health district, CIC Miami opened in October 2016. In addition to workspace and lab space, this location also offers an International Soft Landing package. Their mission is to bridge Miami’s innovation corridor with the health district with initiatives, such as Venture Cafe. A 501(c)(3), Venture Cafe is known worldwide for their Thursday Gatherings.

Premium Amenities & Service

A signature of CIC locations are the absolutely beautiful facilities they provide their members and guests. The spaces are more often than not in Class A buildings and offer premium furniture, fully stocked kitchens and inspiring design.

The services they provide also include operational and technical support, concierge services, perks and wellness offerings. I witnessed first hand how engaging and helpful the staff was – a breath of fresh air – compared to many other spaces. Having employees that enjoy their job and are engaged certainly makes a big difference. The day we visited, they even had a local Girl Scout Troop selling cookies.

Besides the beautiful phone booths and sweeping views of downtown, the feature that stood out the most was their “speak easy” meeting room, complete with cocktail cart and a high end record player.

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