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Review: Nest Coworking – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

With two locations: this one in Playa Del Carmen and the other in Mexico City, Nest Coworking is figuratively (and literally) at the center of the digital nomad universe of Riviera Maya.

Nest Coworking – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Hey Mike!” is a phrase I’m starting to associate with the start of a productive day. So much so, its become a running joke that I have with Nat Orea, the Founder of Nest Coworking. I’m not alone, as while working in the front courtyard, not a single person passes Mr. Orea (or one of Nest’s staff) without a “Hey there!” Accompanied of course, with a signature fist bump/hand shake. Immediately you feel as if you’re a member of the club…

New clients and contracts have led me to spend more time in the Riviera Maya; the northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Along the Gulf of Mexico lies one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world: Cancun. An hour drive down the coast you’ll find Playa Del Carmen. Continue southward another hour or so and you’ll get to Tulum.

Am I upset that I’m spending days in 80 degree weather instead of surviving the arctic blasts pummeling the midwest? Not in the least. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful, albeit mindful that living vs. working in paradise can mean far different things. Internet infrastructure can be challenging, let alone finding professional workspace.

That’s where Nest Coworking comes in.

Think Beyond Spring Break, Frat Boys & Wet T-Shirts

When one thinks of Cancun, it’s easy to visualize big all-inclusive resorts or Girls Gone Wild. Its a powerhouse of a tourism destination, with over 25 million passengers coming through Cancun International Airport. Who knew that CUN is the busiest and most connected airport in Latin America?

a map of the island of cancun

For some Americans, going to Cancun is a rite of passage. Whether for spring break, destination weddings or a port of call for cruises. Playa Del Carmen, the smaller, quieter more “beachy” town has long been preferred by expats as an alternative to nightclubs and high prices.

Up until last year however, you couldn’t seriously consider living beyond there, let alone in beautiful Tulum, because there was limited access to any type of broadband. The Mexican Government has completed a significant investment in the broadband infrastructure along the coast, and with it comes more remote workers and digital nomads.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Sure, it helps that I’m friends with the owner (full disclosure his consulting company works with Coworkaholic’s sister company, Agora RDM) but that’s not why I LOVE this space. Nest Coworking is EXACTLY what this tired and weary digital nomad/road warrior was looking for.

There’s plenty of A/C for when it’s hot, but the courtyard is primarily in the shade. Working outdoors is way better when you’re not dripping sweat. The WiFi is plenty fast. The staff are friendly and helpful. There’s an incredibly engaged community. You’re only a block or so from the beach. Plus, the amenities are fantastic.

Laptop stands are available, as are plenty of cables and even monitors. More than once I’d grab a cookie or two that pair perfectly with their always fresh and hot coffee. One of the things I love most? Daily food deliveries – anything from vegan meal kits to freshly made cold press juices for under $2 USD!

Biking is best, as there is not dedicated parking. But many other members either walk or take the bus. Their location is smack dab in the middle of everything you’d want to be close to. A tad quieter, with more chill beach vibes, Playa is the Canggu to Cancun’s Seminyak (if we were to compare Mexico to Bali).

At Nest, I’ve met expats and digital nomads that have lived in Playa for 6+ years. While folks are quite friendly, there’s also a sense that they are there to get work done. Often it’s difficult for a coworking space in such a tourist destination to provide productive vibes. Here…it’s radiating it. One of the little touches that are just perfect, are these cute signs that help keep you focused.

a glass jar with plants in it and a sign on a table

Having spend some time here in the Riviera Maya, I’ve bounced between Selina Playa del Carmen and Nest Coworking, and as it relates to which I’d prefer – I’m going with Nest.

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