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Review: The BookBook for MacBook

The BookBook for MacBook – A Laptop Case That Blends In & Stands Out

If there’s one thing I get complimented on more than anything…it’s the BookBook by TwelveSouth. No matter where I go it never fails that someone will inquire about my laptop case. Hands down, it’s the tech accessory that I’ve had the longest. Even outlasting device upgrades, which usually means a new case.

Choices, Choices, Choices

There are so many different type of laptop cases out there made out of every kind of material possible. I’ve had hard “shell” cases, vinyl sleeves, but the one that has proven to be most stylish while also most protective, is the BookBook series. If you’ve ever dropped a computer in a hard “shell” case you might have experienced damage from the impact of the fall. Vinyl or fabric cases seem to reduce the impact a bit more than their plastic peers.

The BookBook series of cases feature zip closures, keeping your computer, tablet, phone or cables secure. The hand-crafted genuine leather creates a sophisticated case, while the rigid spine and hard back book covers increase impact absorption.

In addition to the laptop case, they also have cases for iPads, iPhones and dongles. Besides protecting your devices from falls while looking so stylish, I love that when closed, the case blends in as a book. For anyone who works on the go in public, it’s a great way to disguise your device.

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