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Coworking Space Review: Büro Midtown – Miami, FL

Prior to visiting, when thinking of Miami, FL I’d naturally envision beaches, fashion and Cuban food, but now I see it as a hub of international business. And that means, it’s become a hot coworking destination!

The Büro Midtown – Miami FL

In April 2019, I had the pleasure of experiencing Miami, Florida and learning about the vibrant coworking culture that exists there. One of the spaces that I visited was Büro Midtown, a Miami-based coworking community that opened in 2010 and has grown to include six locations. For those of you that don’t know, büro is German for office and this coworking community is appropriately named. Working at Büro Midtown felt like discovering a hidden treasure, and it is now my one of my favorite coworking spaces in Miami.


Büro Midtown is the largest and flagship location of the Büro community. The three-story space sits on the corner of NE 1st Ave and NE 34th St in Midtown Miami, in the north end of the upscale Wynwood Arts District. The coworking space lives up to its motto, Live Work Play. It is across the street from a park and a variety of unique amenities, restaurants, and shops. I liked the Pasion Del Cielo Coffee Shop across the street, which offers world-class coffee and empanadas.

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For pro nomads and remote entrepreneurs, Miami is a thriving location to run a startup. However, Miami isn’t a budget-friendly city, and it is highly car-dependent. In addition to a high cost of living, daily parking fees and road tolls can quickly add up. The parking garage closest to Büro Midtown cost $35 per day, and one toll road en route to the location cost $17.50. Although Miami is hardly an affordable destination, there are plenty of nomads making it happen in the Magic City, and living their best lives here.

Coworking at The Büro

Three words to describe this space are chic, spacious and luxurious. The first two floors contain coworking areas. The main coworking area on the first floor feels small and cozy, yet at the same time, full of space and modern design. The second floor was a vibrant lounge area with a green color scheme reminiscent of an upbeat coffee shop. The third floor is strictly for offices, but I was fortunate enough to get a peek at a spectacular view from the top.

I spent most of my time on the second floor, which has an open lounge area, tables, and chairs for getting tucked into your work. Despite lacking formal desk space, the lounge is ergonomic, and I didn’t sacrifice my posture to be productive. With the ambiance of background banter, I was able to hunker down and accomplish quite a lot on my first visit. In the past, I’ve encountered issues with coworking spaces that were too loud, but Büro Midtown has a low noise level. It was also advantageous to remain on the second floor due to its convenient location next to a coffee bar, which I visited more than once.

My only complaint is that there is only one phone booth at this location. Phone booths are a necessity for running any remote business. During my initial visit, I made three conference calls in one day. The single booth was unavailable during my afternoon calls, which put a strain on me and I worried that I would disturb others around me by talking out loud. I’m hoping that Büro Midtown will consider adding additional booths and perhaps also instituting a reservation system.


In the second-floor lounge area, there are four types of coffee available, and host of separately purchased snacks. Throughout the location, I found nice finishing touches that made the coworking space feel like a home. Like all of the best coworking spaces, Büro Midtown monthly membership includes high-speed internet, access to a business mailing address and a host of educational workshops. The monthly membership also includes partner discounts with local restaurants, gyms, and shops. I think that over the long-term, being a member of this coworking space would prove more than valuable for networking and business opportunities.


The day pass costs $30, and the monthly membership costs $249 with a minimum commitment of three months. A long-term commitment isn’t realistic for digital nomads, but members who are serious about being a part of this entrepreneur community are in for a treat. This space would be best for someone spending a few months in Miami or a business based in Miami. As for parking, the community manager confirmed with me that a monthly discount is available, although it is unclear if this is a full or partial discount.

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Final Thoughts

If you are in the Miami area, I recommend giving Büro Midtown a try for one day if not for the upscale experience alone. There are so many things done right here– It is a modern and comfortable space that gives you everything you need to be productive. I think that you will enjoy arriving in the morning, walking down the street for lunch and maybe seeing all that the Wynwood Art District has to offer plus getting your best work done.

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The only downsides are limited short-term membership options, lack of phone booths and the high parking expense for non-members. Overall, I think that remote entrepreneurs desiring a physical presence in Miami will benefit from the community at Büro and it would be a worthwhile investment over the long-term.

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