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Review: United Airlines Polaris Business Class Lounge – EWR

This is only the second Polaris Lounge I’ve been to, one of five that are now open. ORD being my home base, I’ve had the chance to visit that location (the first to have opened) and have seen over time how their food and beverage program has evolved.

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My visit to the Polaris Lounge at EWR was very much welcome, as I had a longer than usual layover before hopping on UA 48: EWR-BOM. Luckily my upgrade cleared before the day of the flight, otherwise I would have been looking at spending that time in the more cramped, less luxurious United Club.

More Space & More Choices

Far and above, the lounge design at EWR is much improved upon that of ORD. Besides having more (of what seems like everything), signage and layout provides for a better flow. There’s less space dedicated to private dining, plenty more of their “workspace” cubes, additional phone booths, showers and nap suites.

United has incorporated local art to reflect the look and feel of the NY/NJ area, while still embracing the overall Polaris colors and design aesthetic. There seems to be more space at the bar and overall more variety in the type of seating available. There are outlets a plenty, though the redesigned “workspace” fixtures seem to be more oriented towards light work. Choose wisely, as you’ll find the usability different whether you’re left or right handed.

There’s also far more buffet space with what appears to be a wider variety of items, all representing regions of travel for the day’s flights: Indian, Italian and the like.

United Polaris Business Class Lounge Wine & Cocktails

The cocktail menu and wine lists are standardized across all Polaris Lounge locations, while offering 1-2 drinks that reflect local and seasonal flavors.

86 Service for Private Dining

Visiting a business class lounge, especially a new one that prides themselves on a new experience, who would have thought service would be an issue? While yes, this dining room was busy the entire time I was there, the service was lackluster at best. Perhaps it’s a result of the labor environment of EWR?

Either way, I wasn’t the only customer frustrated with long wait times for food (and even getting water glasses filled) let alone getting a menu. Orders were coming out wrong as well, in addition to drinking out of dirty stemware.

No matter what, if you’re visiting a Polaris Lounge, then in the scheme of things, there’s not much to complain about.

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