Video Tour: Spark – Baltimore, MD

One of the reasons why we love coworking is because of how many different types of spaces there are! Today we’ve got a video tour of Spark, a coworking space in downtown Baltimore!

Spark – Coworking in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Spark Baltimore is a coworking space in Baltimore’s inner harbor, featuring private offices and shared workspace for entrepreneurs, creators and innovators, located at Power Plant Live. An inspiring work environment, Spark was designed specifically with creators in mind and tailored to provide entrepreneurs not just what they want, but what they need.

This video was first posted on Coworkaholic’s Facebook Page. We visited this space as part of the QTLY Tour in 2017.

Spark is a catalyst for advancing entrepreneurship and technical innovation through a creative space, network and their community members. They aim to provide entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators with the community and space, allowing them to ignite ideas that transform into successful companies and organizations.

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