Do you or your family have a sneaking suspicion that you’re a workaholic? Maybe you spend long hours at work, or you bring your work home? Being a workaholic is a common issue that many working professionals experience, but many other people also experience this ailment. This article will provide you with some common symptoms of workaholics, to help you find out if you or a loved one is suffering from being a workaholic. 

Early Mornings, Late Nights

People who are the first to work and the last to leave are generally considered prime candidates to be workaholics. This is because they stay long after their shift is over, often without any extra compensation in the form of money or otherwise. 

No Breaks

Skipping breaks is another common trait amongst workaholics. This is because sometimes workaholics can become so focused and engrossed in a task that they don’t realize that they haven’t stopped for hours on end. Using alarms, stopwatches, or other timekeeping devices can help make sure you aren’t working for too long at once. 

Skipping Meals

Not eating enough, or skipping meals is another common trait that is shared by many workaholics. This is because when normal people feel that it is appropriate to take a break and have some food, workaholics do not. This behavior can be problematic because the person does not receive the proper daily nutrients, which can result in fatigue and other adverse health effects. 

No Hobbies

Having no hobbies or pastimes outside of work can be a surefire sign of problems brewing. Even if you want to stay as committed to your work as possible, it is healthy to take regular breaks and engage in a non-work activity. This will help you stay fresh in the long run and make you a more productive worker when you are on the job site. 

Stress When Not Working

If you are a workaholic it can be stressful to just relax in your own home with your family or loved ones. This is a terrible predicament to find yourself in. After all that hard work you deserve you to be able to relax and not stress about work, or even think about it at all. If you are feeling severely stressed or anxious there are options you can seek to help with this professionally. Experts at NowHealth can provide you with online quotes for mental health services that can get you the treatment you need to help. Your mental health is no joke, so be sure to invest in yourself and get treatment as soon as possible. Feeling stressed out can be one of the worst parts of being a workaholic.

You’re A Perfectionist

If you demand perfection in everything you do then you are not alone. Many people who are workaholics display perfectionist tendencies. This often causes these people to spend extra time on small insignificant details of a task, rather than focusing additional time into the more important parts.

You Put Others’ Needs Before Your Own

Are you the type of person who will put others’ needs before your own? If so then you display one of the traits of a workaholic. Workaholics will often put a company or work needs before their own well-being, usually to the detriment of their health, social life, and overall well being.

You Don’t Take Vacations

Taking vacations are an important part of life. It is a time when you can forget about the stresses of everyday life and unwind, recharging your body, mind, and spirit. If you never take a vacation then it can result in an eventual burnout, which will leave you in no state to work. Take regular vacations to stay fresh at work.

Working While Sick

With pandemics like coronavirus spreading it is not a smart idea to work while sick. If you find yourself working frequently then it can be an indicator that you are a workaholic. Be sure to stay home and look after your well being if you are not feeling well. Your body and your co-workers will thank you!

Hopefully, this article has helped inform you of common symptoms of being a workaholic. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of being a workaholic it can be very serious and disruptive to personal lives and other aspects of people’s lives. If you are experiencing a lot of the aforementioned symptoms then it is recommended that you seek treatment, or at least acknowledge the issue. Remember to relax, take time for yourself. Everything is good for you in moderation!

The post was first published on Coworkaholic.